Adele Lashes At Concert Goer For Anti-Pride Remarks

Adele Lashes At Concert Goer For Anti-Pride Remarks
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Sixteen-time Grammy winner Adele has again made headlines by confronting a fan for homophobic remarks. During one of her Las Vegas shows over the weekend, an audience member interrupted the flow of her concert. On June 1, i.e., the first day of Pride Month, a person was heard yelling “Pride Sucks!

As a strong ally of the LGBTQ community, Adele did not refrain from taking a much-needed stand. She said,

What was that? Did you just say, ‘Pride sucks? Did you come to my f*cking show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you f*cking stupid? Don’t be so f*cking ridiculous.

This response by the “Easy on Me” singer has gone viral over the internet. 

Initially, the 36-year-old singer was enjoying her show to the fullest. However, the melodious aura turned into an abusive conflict after Adele heard this insensitive statement. 

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As the video surfaced on the internet, social media users were quick to praise the singer. Netizens showered her with love and respect for taking a stand. They called her behavior iconic and hailed her as their queen. 

Furthermore, this is not the first time that Adele has spoken her mind and stood in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. As a strong influencer, she has been keen to support the community. 

In 2011, she performed at Pride in London without charging anything. In 2016, she dedicated a concert in Belgium to those affected by the Pulse nightclub incident. Notably, around 50 people were killed in a mass shooting at the Orlando-situated gay nightclub.

After the incident, she stated,

The LGBTQ community, they’re like my soulmates since I was really young, so I’m very moved by it.


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