11 Jaw-Dropping Anime Betrayals That Cut Audiences to Core

11 Jaw-Dropping Anime Betrayals That Cut Audiences to Core

The world of Anime is popular for its captivating storylines and unmatched animation. From love relationships to betrayals, Anime never fails to attract its viewer’s attention. Another aspect of anime stories that causes enthusiasts’ hearts to wrench and jaws to drop is the betrayal by the characters to one another. Whether it is the moment when children discover Isabella’s true job or when Anthy backstabs Utena, there are monumental betrayals in Anime. However, there are a few that rank in the top 10 anime betrayals. 

11 Heart-Wrenching Anime Betrayal in 2024

1. Children Discover Isabella’s True Job

Anime Television Series – The Promised Neverland (2019)

The Promised Neverland

In an orphanage ‘Grace Field House’ 38 orphan students spent their lives perfectly studying, playing games, and taking part in tests until they were adopted. Isabella, the mother of the orphan house, took care of the children and fed them adequate and good food.

One day, Conny, one of the orphan children, was taken for adoption by the house’s mother, Isabella. Emma and Norman, two of the wise children, followed them to return Conny his stuffed toys. Upon following, the children discovered that Conny was murdered and their mother, Isabella, is a human farmer who traded children for money to demons.

2. The Reaper Tries To Kill His Teacher

Manga Series – Assassination Classroom (2016)

Assassination Classroom

In the Japanese science fiction comedy series, the students of a particular class 3E are taught ways to execute an assassination. The class of 3E hires The Reaper to assassinate their teacher. Nevertheless, it was a heart-wrenching surprise for Korosensei since Reaper, who was hired to kill the teacher, was one of his oldest apprentices.

The reaper’s work in the series felt so acute since he used Korosensei’s tactics to carry out the assassination.

Although Reaper fails in the assassination, it is a shock that the Reaper, who was hired for the teacher’s assassination, was one of his students.

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3. The Genocide of the Uchiha Clan

Manga Series – Naruto (2007)


One of the complex characters of the anime, Itachi Uchiha single-handedly carried out the massacre of the Uchiha clan. The Genocide of the clan was one of the most impactful events that the series would back to throughout.

In the series, the single event was enough to traumatise Itachi’s younger brother, Sasuke, and Hitachi himself. Following the murder, the prodigy, Itachi, was also psychologically affected.

4. Yona’s Father Murder

Manga Series – Yona of The Dawn (2014)

Yona of The Dawn

The Japanese Manga series, Yona of The Dawn, was written and illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi. In the series, Yona, daughter of King II and So-Won express feelings for each other. However, the king forbids her daughter to marry him. Hence,  for the last request, Yona goes to her father’s chamber for a last request, wherein she finds So-Won stabbing a sword into the king’s stomach.

Traumatised by Yona, she fled from the castle followed by So-won taking over the reign while doing the rights of the kingdom. Although So-won had true intentions, his betrayal of So-won attracted several criticisms.

5. Villeta Kills Her Husband

Manga Series – Code Geass (2006)

Code Geass

The Japanese anime television series, Code Geass, was directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi. The series, which covered chaos, death, and many betrayals involved Villetta, a nightmare pilot who lost her memory after an accident.

Following a memory loss, she becomes Chigusa and marries the man who has cared for her. On the contrary, the man was Kaname Ohgi, the Japanese Resistance Cell’s lead. Upon reviving her memory, Villeta kills Kaname, staying loyal to the cause even though she was also affectionate to her husband.

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6. Aizen Cheats “Soul Society”

Anime Series – Bleach (2004-12) (2022-Present)


A Japanese animated series based on the manga novel of the same name, Soul Society followed the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. One of its characters, Sosuke Aizen, who worked under pressure, was polite and worked under the plans. With his ideal nature, he was one of the best members of the Soul Society in the Bleach.

However, out of nowhere, one day he changed his looks, changed his past, and set a completely different goal. Following, in the series, he was seen making his army to rule over the Soul Society.

7. Sakai Saionji’s Revenge

Anime Series – School Days (2007)

 School Days

Based on the visual novel of the same novel, School Days is an animated series which has gained immense popularity among anime lovers. Despite having a loving relationship with Kotonoha Katsura, Makoto was involved with several other girls including Sekai Saionji. Following their physical relationship, Sekai Saionji believes she is pregnant and she forces Makoto to come into a relationship with her instead of going back to Kotonoha.

However, Makoto rejects her plea and breaks things off with her. With plans for revenge, Sekai invites Makoto for a talk. While Makoto is not aware of her plans, Sekai goes to the kitchen on the pretext of tea, brings a knife and stabs Makoto to death. Although Sakuto had plans of getting married and was cheated by Makoto, her betrayal was one of the biggest betrayals in Anime history.

8. Kyubey Hides His Intentions

Anime Series – Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica, a Japanese animated television series incorporated Kubey, one of the cutest villains in anime history. A magnificent cat-like creature in the series, Kubey’s innocence attracts and approaches girls with a deal of fighting witches and in exchange, they will have their one wish fulfilled.

Owing to Kubey’s innocence, most of the girls agreed until they found out how cruel fighting both of the witches was. Hence, the girls either end up dying or become witches themselves. With Kubey’s adorable face, he cheated on many girls on the pretext of fulfilling their wishes. Instead, he sent most of them to doom.

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9. A List of Betrayals

Anime Series – Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


In the anime series, most of the characters have faced several betrayals in the entire story. Edmond Dantes, one of the characters, was accused of crimes by his acquaintances whom he called a friend at his wedding. Following he was imprisoned, his beloved wife married one of his enemies who conspired against him.

For all the conspiracies against him, he later met the demon Gankutsuou while imprisoned and possessed powers to seek revenge.

10. Satsuki Betrays Her Mother

Anime – Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

A Japanese anime television series that follows the story of the schoolgirl, Ryuko Matoi. In the series, one of the primary characters, Satsuki’s betrayal was one of the most supported betrayal’s in anime history. Her mother, Ragyo, who never had motherly behaviour, abused her daughter physically and mentally while conspiring with a plethora of negative things.

Satsuki, one day came to know about her mother’s plan to destroy the earth. After knowing about her mother’s evil plan, Satsuki decided to end all of it by assassinating her mother.

11. When Anthy Stabbed Utena

Anime – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

An animated TV series, it showcased one of the much sought-after betrayals in anime history. Utena, who won Anthy the rose bride in the Ohtori academic duels, became a close friend shortly after. However, Anthy had dark secrets including her relationship with power-driven brother Akio and her witch identity.

Although Akio, in an interaction with Utena, revealed Anthy’s identity, she refused to believe it. However, Anthy, in the end, confirms it after backstabbing Utena.

Final Words

One of the aspects that make anime attractive is the storytelling. Alongside each anime character’s influence to greatness and prosperity, however, there was a villain or antagonist who was out to backstab the main character.

While some of them had antagonist instincts, some sought revenge or betrayed for a good reason. In the above-mentioned guide, we have listed some of the most heartfelt Anime revenge of all time that has not only made history but has shaken the hearts of many fans.

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