Apex Legends Season 18: Revenant Rework and Exciting Updates Unveiled in Kill Code Part 2 Trailer

Apex Legends Season 18: Revenant Rework and Exciting Updates Unveiled in Kill Code Part 2 Trailer
Image: Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Kill Code Part 2 cinematic trailer is quite captivating. But there is more exciting news. Respawn has confirmed that Revenant, one of the game’s characters, is in for a significant ability and visual rework in Apex Legends Season 18.

The video titled Kill Code Part 2 gives players a glimpse of the game’s lore as Crypto, the master hacker, delves into a discarded fragment of Revenant, setting the stage for dramatic changes to this enigmatic character. The storyline is cryptic yet intriguing and most important, it promises an all-new look and deadly abilities for Revenant. 

Like always, Respawn Entertainment is keen to keep players on their toes with the teaser. In  Apex Legends Season 18, you can explore new stages for the Mixtape mode on the Broken Moon map.

On Thursday, August 3, Respawn is scheduled to release the first gameplay trailer for Apex Legends 18. Apart from giving players a sneak peek into the gameplay mechanics, it is also likely to hint at the time of release. 

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There are speculations that the new season may debut on Tuesday, August 8, we’ve got to wait for the official announcement before getting too excited.

Apex Legends Season 18 is about to introduce some new features like a new ranked season and the Resurrection battle pass. The rework for Revenant is going to be accepted well, countering the character’s relatively low popularity among players. 

Respawn has announced that there will be no changes in the Apex Legends engine indicating their intention to strike a balance between innovation and maintenance of the gameplay mechanics that fans have come to love. 

Overall, Apex Legends 18 is going to be an interesting adventure to jump into for old timers and new players alike. 

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