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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: The Funky Graffiti Adventure Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in September

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: The Funky Graffiti Adventure Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in September
Image credit: Team Reptile

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk! Is a highly anticipated game developed by Reptile and inspired by the iconic Jet Set Radio. The game will hit Nintendo Switch and PC on August 18th. It will be released on PlayStation and Xbox on September 1st. 

The game’s premise blends funky beats, street art, and high-flying action. Players step into a world where stylish graffiti crews with personal boostpacks engage in battles. The goal is to control the city streets. The game’s aesthetics, gameplay, and art style remind you of the Dreamcast classic from 2000, Jet Set Radio. 

Players can explore five main boroughs of the futuristic city in Bomb Rush. They can spray graffiti, engage in dance battles and challenge rival crews. As you travel through the urban landscape, you can recruit new crew-members. You can explore the game environment to ride or skate through the city while performing delightful tricks. 

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One of the main drivers of the game is the militarized police force. You have to evade them by playing exciting chase sequences. As the game progresses and the level of your notoriety escalates, so does the intensity of your interactions with the police. The funky sound track makes these scenarios all the more interesting.

Team Reptile has infused their passion for classic games like Jet Set Radio with their own unique flair to the mix. The resultant game is set to break ground.

Mark your calendars for August 18th on Switch and PC, and September 1st on PlayStation and Xbox. Get ready to get creative and evasive. Here’s a trailer for the game to help you get a hang of what it is going to look like. Let us know how excited you are to jump into this adventurous city from the future.

Video by Team Reptile

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