Are Freestanding Tubs Going out of Style?

Are Freestanding Tubs Going out of Style?

Are Freestanding Tubs Going out of Style? When choosing a bathroom design, we are guided not only by considerations of practicality and convenience but also by how modern and elegant it will look. And, of course, the type of bath sometimes plays a decisive role. The freestanding bathtub leaves plenty of room for imagination as it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. However, many consider this design a quickly passing fad. Is it really so?

Why Is the Idea of a Freestanding Tub Not Approved by Everyone?

Modern freestanding bathtubs are so sophisticated in design that they can hardly be called outdated. If you go to the tub manufacturer’s site like, you’ll see that freestanding bathtubs can spruce up both classic and high-tech interiors.

There are two main reasons people doubt the advisability of installing a freestanding bathtub:

  1. These tubs are much heavier and more expensive than their built-in counterparts. In addition, a reinforced floor may be required for their installation. As a result, the cost of repairs increases.
  2. Using a shower in this tub is very problematic, and if you like to bask under the jets, this is definitely not your option.

If you are not repulsed by the above factors, feel free to choose a free-standing bathtub because, in addition to its luxurious look, it will please you with ease of installation and variety of styles, give the bathroom a sculptural beauty, and become a convenient place for relaxation.

Due to the peculiarities of its design, a free-standing bathtub:

  • Gives the bathroom airiness and a lighter feel;
  • Does not seem bulky despite the great depth;
  • Allows you to fit it into the interior with low window sills and other features of the room without additional installations.

Whatever you choose — a classic clawfoot model or a modern egg-shaped one — the freestanding tub will always be synonymous with luxury. However, this does not mean that you need to have a lot of space to install it. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can save space by choosing a small but deep Japanese-style tub and still impress your guests.

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