Minecraft: 10 Facts about the Ender Dragon You Might Have Missed

Minecraft: 10 Facts about the Ender Dragon You Might Have Missed

The Ender Dragon is often considered the most difficult challenge to survival in the Minecraft universe. She’s massive and quite scary, to be honest, but there are things about her that are very little known even by devout Minecraft players.    

Minecraft is one of those games that do not have a designated ending. But if you like final battles, then Minecraft has a boss that you’d love. The Ender Dragon is the closest thing to a final boss that Minecraft has. Sje’s found when you try to access a portal within a stronghold. It is one of the most difficult rivals to defeat and yields one of the highest amounts of points when you actually kill one. Here are some lesser-known facts about the mysterious Ender dragon in Minecraft.

10. The Ender Dragon Glows when low on health

In general, the Ender dragon has a smooth dark purple body that you can recognize from a distance. If you’ve ever killed one, you’d know that right before dying a lot of mini explosions start happening around her body and light comes out from within. 

What you might not have noticed is that when she’s low on health, her body starts to glow right to the point when she’s about to die.

9. Flies to spawn in the Overworld

The Overworld is the initial dimension in Minecraft. You can accumulate different resources from the Overworld before moving on to the next dimension, the Nether. If you spawn an Ender dragon in the Overworld, it is quite a sight. She behaves much differently in the Overworld and if you spawn it away from the o,o coordinates, it’ll almost immediately fly to the o,o coordinates.

8. The Ender Dragon is called Jean

Unless you are playing a heavily modded version of Minecraft, you cannot name the Ender Dragon or trap it properly. If you were to try to add a name tag to the Ender Dragon, you’re likely to be butted high in the air.

Nevertheless, the developers decided, since the main character of the game is called Steve, it would be a good idea to call the Ender dragon Jean. So, yes, that’s what she’s called.

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7. You can bottle the dragon’s purple breath

The Ender Dragon exhales purple particles that linger on the ground for a while and if you go near those particles they affect your health. You can actually bottle that purple breath up and use it later for various effects. It also unlocks a very cool achievement called “You Need A Mint”.

6. It’s not incredibly hard to snipe the dragon from the sky

You might have felt that it’d be next to impossible to snipe the Ender Dragon from the sky, but in reality, it is rather easy considering the dragon has a ridiculously huge hitbox. It’s hard to miss. However, the huge hitbox also means that you are in danger when the dragon lunges toward you. You may get hit even if it seems like the dragon is away from your body.

Minecraft: 10 Facts about the Ender Dragon You Might Have Missed

5. You can spawn up to 20 portals to the End islands

You can build a bridge from the center island to the End islands but it’s almost 1000 blocks away and a much faster way to get access to the End islands is by defeating the Ender dragon. Everytime you defeat the dragon a portal spawns that you can use to access the End islands. However these portals do not endlessly, you can open up to 20 portals in this method.

4. Gives massive experience points only once

The first time you kill the Ender dragon you get 12000 experience points. It is enough to climb up sixty levels. But from the second time, the experience point yields go down to 500 points per dragon death. So, you want to keep this in mind while grinding for points. 

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3. You can fight the Ender dragon as many times as you wish  

Even though the experience point won by killing the dragon is reduced from the very second time, if you enjoy fighting her, you can summon her endlessly. The hard part is crafting enough End crystals to summon the dragon.

2. The Ender dragon is the largest creature in Minecraft

There are a lot of creatures and characters that can give you a good fight in Minecraft, the Wither or the Elder Guardians, but none is as huge as the Ender dragon. She’s the biggest model in Minecraft. The question is if we’ll ever see a bigger creature than the dragon.

1. There’s a trick to acquiring the Ender dragon’s egg

It may have seemed impossible to pick up the egg or get it in the inventory. Every time the dragon is slain the egg is automatically teleported around the island. But there’s a trick which you can use to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Just mine two blocks beneath the egg and put two torches there. Then drop the egg on the torches. You should, then, be able to add it to your inventory.

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