Bad News!! Seis Manos Season 2 Would Not Return: Latest Updates

Seis Manos Season 2

The “Seis Manos” is an adult animated American web series. Alvaro Rodriguez and Brad Graeber created this series for Netflix. The show is set in the fictional town of San Simon, situated in Mexico. Netflix premiered the 1st season of this show on 3rd October 2019. Right after release, it got an immense response from the viewers. There were 8 episodes in total and now the fans are desperately waiting for more seasons. 

In 2019, PowerhouseAnimation released this masterpiece named “Seis Manos” and stunned every viewer. The series came with an appropriate vintage setting and got immense popularity. Therefore, right after the release of the first season, the fans started demanding more seasons. But, is Netflix going to fulfil their demand? Will the viewers ever see the second season of this popular series? In this article, you would find all the latest details. 

Seis Manos Season 2 – Latest Renewal Status 

Usually, Netflix announces the renewal of an existing original series within two to three months after it gets premiered. They utilize the in-between time for analyzing the viewership and the performance of the series. Howbeit, it has been almost two years, but neither creators nor Netflix has announced any renewal status for this series. 

Seis Manos Season 2

The viewers want to watch the 2nd season of this anime series for quite a long time. But, no official confirmation has been made so far for the release of the 2nd season. The fans are raising questions about its return, but it’s not likely that they would get the answer very soon. 

If Seis Manos Season 2 at all happens – what would be the plot? 

The first season of “Seis Manos” left the viewers with various unanswered questions. Therefore, if the 2nd season comes at all, it would certainly tie all the loose threads of the previous season. Maybe in the 2nd season, the untold portions of the story and the evolution of different characters would take the main focus. 

The center plot of this series revolves around the protagonists and the revenge taken by them to the murderer of their coach. Basically, the story evolves with a personal fight. Therefore, if Netflix releases the 2nd season, then the death of the Blade would resume the after-effects in the city. Also, the resistance by the orphans and their attempt of protecting the town would be worth watching. 

Is there any chance that Seis Manos Season 2 would return? 

The debut season of “Seis Manos” got a huge response from the viewers. Based on user rating, IMDB had given it a 7.5 rating. Also, Rotten Tomatoes had given it a 100% approval rating along with a viewer score of 91%. The series was trending on Netflix at that time and the critics had also highly praised it. In 2020, the creators of this anime series had also declared that the script for the 2nd season is ready. 

Hence, there are significant chances of returning Seis Manos with the 2nd season. Because of the immense popularity of the first season, the producers can expect a good amount of profit from 2nd season as well. Hence, there’s still time for Netflix to make an official announcement of the 2nd season later in 2021. 

If Netflix releases Seis Manos season 2 – what would be the probable date for that? 

Since there are still chances that Netflix can renew the installments of Seis Manos, the streaming giant can release it later in 2021. Also, anime makers take time for the sequel release. Hence, there is a 50-50 chance whether the 2nd season would be there in 2021 or not. However, if Netflix won’t release it within 2021, you can still expect its release around the mid of next year. 


1. How many seasons are currently there in Seis Manos?  

There is currently one season of Seis Manos that came on Netflix on 3rd October 2019. The debut season of this anime series consisted of 8 episodes and got immense popularity. Therefore, the viewers are looking for the next season. Netflix has not yet officially announced any renewal. However, if the streaming giant at all releases it, the series will come either in 2021-ending or mid-2022. 

2. Why Netflix rated Seis Manos for Mature Audiences (MA)? 

Seis Manos is an adult-oriented, violent anime series that consists of a plot related to the occult. There are various fight sequences, bloody events, stabbings, martial arts, and cutting off body parts. Also, the series consists of nudity, sexual innuendo, and various other mature contents. Therefore Netflix has strictly rated it for Mature Adults. 

3. What is the specific genre of Seis Manos? 

Seis Manos is an amalgamation of three diverse genres. These are – Supernatural fiction, Martial Arts, and Action Fiction. 

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