Ben Affleck Moves Out of Jennifer Lopez’s House Amid Divorce Rumours. Here’s What The Sources Said

Ben Affleck Moves Out of Jennifer Lopez's House Amid Divorce Rumours. Here’s What The Sources Said

Reportedly, Ben Affleck has taken all his belongings out of the house, where he used to live with his wife, Jennifer Lopez. 

The American singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, 54, and the American actor, Ben Affleck, entered into a marriage in July 2022, and are now living separately, one of their close aides confirmed to a media house. Meanwhile, a media source suggests that Jennifer Lopez is living in a $60.8 million house, while the actor is living somewhere in Brentwood Los Angeles, a few miles away from Jennifer’s residence.

Meanwhile, a source stated that Ben decided to move his belongings following Jennifer’s return from a long Italy vacation; she went on the trip alone.

Meanwhile, a media source, who was close to the couple, said, “He started moving out a while ago. The marriage is completely over, and Jennifer is heartbroken. She loves love and wanted this to work so badly.”

On the contrary, while the couple has decided to keep their separation under wraps, they are trying to sell the real estate they bought together.

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Another media source reveals that the actor continues to live separately at the Brentwood rental; he has been living there for two months.

Meanwhile, a source told an insider, “He seems OK. He’s been at his office every day and seems focused on work. He’s also spending time with his kids.

The source adds that “Ben has been working nonstop and spending a lot of time at his office. He has a lot of projects he’s working on that he’s excited about. He’s quite hands-on with his company (Artists Equity). He wants to continue focusing on directing, acting and producing.”

Currently, Ben Affleck is all set to star in his production project, The Accountant 2; the film is currently in its production stage in Los Angeles.

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