Bloodline Season 4 Cancelled – Will there be Another Series?

Bloodline Season 4 Cancelled – Will there be Another Series?

Do you know that the twisted family drama series on Netflix has been cancelled after its third season, and there’s no plan to renew it for season four? The intriguing, dramatic, secretive Rayburns were indeed special, but at last, they were doomed. The first season of the said series introduced to the viewers a messed-up Florida family. The series represents a group of people whose loyalty and pride would be immensely toxic and would ultimately ruin them. 

In the three seasons of “Bloodline”, Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman have portrayed a gripping story of continuous betrayal that has been positioned as a promising rival to another series named “House of Cards and ‘Orange Is the New Black”. Season 1 of “Bloodline” is one of the OG titles that began the streaming revolution a couple of years ago. But the third season that was released on Netflix in 2016 has ultimately trailed off. Therefore, the chances of the release of Bloodline Season 4 are also officially dead.

The reason why the “Bloodline” series ultimately doomed 

A couple of months after the release of the third season, the creators of “Bloodline” realised that this would be the end of the seasons. The news first came up in the cover story of “Hollywood Reporter” in 2016, and it implied that the series wouldn’t be continued because of some financial concerns. More importantly, the future of this Florida-set show was under question because the entertainment tax incentives were cut, and thus the series became much more expensive to produce. Also, various sources revealed that to continue this show further, Netflix would have to pay at least $7–8.5 million per hour. 

Bloodline Season 4 Cancelled – Will there be Another Series?

Since the future of Bloodline was already shaky after the release of the third season, the split of opinion played an amicable role in the press meeting. The creators of this Netflix series claimed to adjust the courses, and on the other hand, Netflix announced that it was opting for the exciting climax of the next season that would be released in May 2017. But, after that, this streaming service made a rare move and cancelled the release of the 4th season of “Bloodline,” even though at that time its only original Netflix programmes were “Lilyhammer” and “Hemlock Grove.”

How did the 3rd season of “Bloodline” go? 

The viewers consider that, among all the seasons of “Bloodline,” the 3rd season was the least successful. Many critics have raised the issue of the underutilization of two leading talents of the series, Mendelsohn and Linda Cardellini. Some critics are not even happy with the plotlines. Even though the key actors of the series, Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek, and Norbert Leo Butz had given consistent stellar performances. But the continuous lines, murders, cover-ups, and familiar scenarios have made the story tiresome. 

Therefore, the “Bloodline” show which started with a story of gripping betrayal gradually became too directionless and depictive, and thus, it became too expensive to serve its good. Hence, the finale of the show lacked a true resolution. 

Does that truly imply that Bloodline Season 4 is cancelled for good? 

Even after the utter failure of the 3rd season, because of the extraordinary performance of the characters, they might be still playing in the “Bloodline” fans’ heads. Therefore, it can be fun for them to imagine a world where there won’t be any comingback of this series. But, in reality, Bloodline is very much done with its 3rd season. Todd Kessler has also told the reporters that they are happy with the end of the series. This further shuts down the desire for the salvation of the show on another streaming network or service. 


1. Is there a season 4 to “Bloodline”? 

Even though there was a smooth take-off with the 1st season of “Bloodline”, the ending of this sweat-soaked Netflix family drama experienced a much bumpy landing. In July 2016, the show came up with its 3rd season, but a few months after that, Netflix suddenly announced that the 3rd season would be the final season of the show. Therefore, there’s no meaning in keeping any hope for the Rayburn family’s return in the 4th season. 

2. Why did “Bloodline” get cancelled?

The tax incentives played a major role because they made it inexpensive for the show to release its first two seasons. The co-creator of “Bloodline”, Glenn Kessler, said that the tax changes impacted the show during the premiere of the 2nd season. Therefore, although initially, the plan was to pitch at least five to six seasons, with the release of the 3rd season. Because of its huge criticism, Netflix cancelled the further seasons of the series. 

3. How did “Bloodline” season 3 end? 

The 3rd season of Bloodline ends with a scene where a man named John stares at the eyes of his brother Danney’s son named Nolan and is possibly about to tell the boy that he has killed the boy’s father. He is in dilemma whether it would be better for Nolan to know the truth, or he should maintain its innocence. 

4. Is “Bloodline” coming back in 2022? 

The 4th season of “Bloodline” is cancelled and the 3rd season was the last and final season of this Netflix family drama. The dramatic thrill of the family became monotonous in the 3rd season and it was highly criticized for the over-dramatic thrill. Therefore, Netflix cancelled the further extension and also eliminated 3 episodes from the last season. 

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