Godless Season 2 On Netflix: Canceled Or Season 2?

Godless Season 2

Are you a fan of American Reality shows or American dramas? If you are, then “Godless” would surely be worth watching. In this article, you would explore this web television show that is aired on Netflix. The story offers a unique storyline and concept. Thus, it has attracted various fans around the globe. Scott Franks has written, created, and directed this series. 

In the first season of “Godless”, there were 7 episodes in total. Since its date of release, the web television series received immense positive responses from the viewers. And, the upcoming Godless Season 2 would be consisting of the same number of episodes. You would get all information about the second season of “Godless” in this article. 

When will “Godless” Season be out? Release date 

The “Godless” series is basically an American drama. The producer of this series is Jessica Levin. Netflix released this TV show on their platform on 22nd November 2017, for the very first time. That first season of “Godless” contained 7 episodes. 

In the first season, we see that a torturous outlaw terrorizes the western countries during the search for a former member of his terrorist gang. That member has already started a new life in a peaceful town only populated by women. As already mentioned, the 2nd season would also consist of 7 episodes and Netflix would release it on demand. 

What casting to expect from the upcoming season of “Godless”? 

Some new characters would probably join the upcoming series of this popular web television series. Merritt Wever would be back again as Mary-Agenes. Also, Michelle Dockery would be there as Alice Fletcher. Following are some more characters that the viewers may see in the upcoming season – 

  • Deputy Whitey Winn (by Thomas Brodie Sangster) 
  • Marshall John Cook (by Sam Waterston) 
  • Sheriff Bill McNue (by Scoot McNairy) 
  • Frank Griffin (by Jeff Daniels)
  • Iyovi (by Tantoo Cardinal) 
  • Ed Logan (by Kim Coates) 
  • Roy Goode (by Jack O’Connell) 

Along with these main cast members, there would be some recurring characters in the series, like: 

  • Callie Dune (by Tess Frazer) 
  • Sarah Doyle (by Audrey Moore)
  • Gats Brown (by David Thompson)
  • Donnie Delvin (by Matthew Denis Louis)
  • Floyd Wilson (by Justin Welborn)
  • Martha Bischoff (by Christiane Seidel)

Godless Season 2: What will it be about? 

In the upcoming Godless Season 2, the viewers would see how the peaceful city had struggles and fought against Frank’s ruthless gang. The premise of the next season would also be quite simple, just like the first season. However, the creator of the series would brilliantly execute the plot that would portray the glory, hardship, and violence. 

Also, it would offer a modern approach via the foregrounding of women in the narrative. Therefore, it would bring a much-required presence of female protagonists in the plot. The show may be a bit slow by its pacing, but you would surely like the attractive cinematography and the gradual unveiling of the intense and violent storyline. 

The first season had quickly made its position into the heart of television critics. Depending on the 67 critic reviews, Rotten Tomatoes had given it an 87% score. In 2017, the first season was also featured among the best TV shows. Moreover, it got the nomination and won the Primetime Emmy Awards. The audiences enjoyed the series very much and depending on 38,000 votes IDMB gave it a solid rating of 8.4. 

Hence, the last season had left the viewers awestruck for sure. Therefore, they are ready to watch more new characters, faces, and stories in the next season. 


1. Is “Godless” inspired by a true story?  

“Godless” is not inspired by any exact true story. However, the roots of the plot can be simply found in the toughness and tragedies of Western American history. 

Also, La Belle is a real ghost town and is situated in New Mexico, the U.S. Its location is almost eight miles away from the North-eastern side of the Red River. 

2. How many episodes will be there in Goddess’s second season? 

The first season of “Goddess” contains 7 episodes in total. The 2nd season is expected to contain the same number of episodes. However, there would be plot extension and new character inclusions. 

3. Will there be any 2nd season of “Goddess”? 

Netflix has thought to pick up the second season of this limited series. The decision arose after a month of the first season’s release. Although this series was a limited engagement just like “AMC’s The Night Manager” and “13 Reasons Why”, Netflix had expanded it for a further season.  

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