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Chicago Party Aunt: Future of Netflix’s Adult-Animated Comedy Series

Chicago Party Aunt: Future of Netflix's Adult-Animated Comedy Series
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Netflix’s adult-animated comedy series, Chicago Party Aunt, based on a Twitter account curated by Chris Witaske has delivered two seasons of laughter and cringe-worthy moments. Will it come back for another season? That’s the question we’re pondering here.

Netflix gave the green light to “Chicago Party Aunt” in July 2021. The first eight episodes debuted in September 2021, and the second installment arrived in December 2022. Although the second season was not marketed as the final season, it might as well be. 

Many of the people who had worked on the first two seasons have moved on to new projects. While there’s been no official cancellation announcement, “Chicago Party Aunt” might fall into the category of Netflix’s “ghost-canceled” series. 

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The Twitter account that inspired the show remains active and thriving. It regularly shares witty remarks, discusses Chicago landmarks and public figures, and even engages with fans who praise the show. 

We cannot say that the show was a huge success. It made brief appearances in the daily top 10 lists in just four countries and spent three days in the US top 10 across its two seasons.

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Critics and viewers had mixed feelings about the show. It currently sits at a 5.6/10 on IMDb, and some reviewers, such as The Michigan Daily, called out the show for not capturing the essence of the Twitter account and struggling with jokes and character relatability. 

A review by the daily reads, “The Chicago Party Aunt Twitter account thrives because of its short, comedic tweets that allow followers to form their own picture of the woman behind the handle. Ultimately, Netflix fell short when it came to executing the new animated series: The jokes don’t hit, the storyline is nonexistent and the main character is difficult to relate to.”

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