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Claudia Haro Bio: Net Worth, Marriage, Career, & More

Claudia Haro Bio: Net Worth, Marriage, Career, & More

Claudia Haro is a former actress and model, widely recognized as the ex-wife of both Joe Pesci and Garrett Warren. Throughout her acting career in the 90s, Haro featured in several films, most notably playing a newscaster role opposite Joe Pesci in Jimmy Hollywood (1994).

Claudia has acted in various films, such as Casino (1995) as Trudy and Julie in Gone Fishin (1997). She faced a setback when the court convicted her for attempting to murder her former partner, Garrett Warren, in 2012.

Claudia Haro’s Net Worth

Haro was able to make a living through her acting salaries until she was sent to prison for 10 years. From that point forward, Haro’s net worth has been about $12 million US dollars.

About Claudia Haro

Claudia Martha Haro was born in 1967. She has a brother named Manuel. He was by her side and later implicated Claudia in a scandalous attempted murder of her ex-husband. Unfortunately, we know little about her childhood due to its shrouded details.

Claudia Haro Career

Claudia began her career in the 1970s as a model, walking for numerous brands until she encountered Joe Pesci in 1980. After being introduced to the film industry by Pesci himself, Claudia Haro was eventually cast for her first role in 1994’s Jimmy Hollywood comedy, starring none other than Joe as Jimmy Alto.

Claudia had a small part as the New Line Receptionist in Wes Craven’s hit horror sequel, “New Nightmare.” Soon after, Claudia earned even more recognition for her role as Marty in the comedy-drama film “With Honors.” In 1995, she reprised this success by playing Trudy in Casino alongside lead actor Joe Pesci. Her final onscreen performance was 1997’s Gone Fishin’, again starring Joe Pesci.

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Claudia Haro’s Husband & Children 

In 1980, Claudia Haro crossed paths with Joe Pesci while she was working as a model, and the two quickly bonded. Eventually, they tied the knot on May 7th, 1988, and even had their first offspring together in 1992: Tiffany Pesci. Sadly, that same year marked their separation after four years of marriage.

After her separation, Claudia Haro encountered Garrett Warren through shared friends at a country club in Lake Sherwood. Immediately, the two hit it off and married in March 1998. They welcomed their first daughter, Kaylie Warren, into their lives in 1999. Unfortunately, Claudia and Garrett were forced to file for divorce just one year later due to complications within their marriage.

With Kaylie at stake, they headed off to court in pursuit of her custody. After an agonizing trial, a Los Angeles judge awarded them shared guardianship of the child, though Claudia was far from pleased with the outcome.

Murder for Hire 

On May 20th, 2000, two weeks after their child custody case had closed, Garrett Warren heard a series of knocks at his door. When he opened it to greet the stranger on the other side of the threshold, they asked him about the car parked outside. After confirming that it was indeed his vehicle, without warning or hesitation, four shots were fired directly into Warren’s face, neck, chest, and hip—one direct hit to his eye included.

Warren’s mother rushed to the door upon hearing the gunshots. Miraculously avoiding two bullets that were fired in her direction by the assailant, she was able to escape unharmed.

Warren received medical care at Northridge Hospital Medical Center and has now recovered. When contacted by detectives during their investigation later that night, Claudia remained adamant in denying any association with this crime while providing an alibi for herself as well.

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