Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert: A Fairytale Redwood Forest Wedding Unites Dancing Hearts

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert: A Fairytale Redwood Forest Wedding Unites Dancing Hearts

“Dancing With the Stars” judge Derek Hough and his partner in life and dance, Hayley Erbert, tied the knot in Northern California’s Monterey County. The two exchanged vows amidst towering redwood trees and a natural ambience. Derek Hough, at 38 years of age, and his partner and fellow “DWTS” pro dancer, Hayley Erbert, 28, bonded both on and off the ballroom floor. Their wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. A historic 100-year old barn played host to the couple’s marriage. 

We’re in a redwood forest, but we got married right in front of this mother tree that’s surrounded by all these smaller trees,” Erbert shared, “They drop all the seeds, and it plants kind of like an army of children to protect the mother. The symbolism of it was beautiful. We’re here, planting our seeds to grow our family.

We perform for a living, so we just want this dance to be for us,” Erbert said before their first dance, “We don’t want to perform for anyone else.”

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Adding to that sentiment, Hough said, “We want to feel good and comfortable, but we don’t need to be perfect, that’s a lot less important to me than just looking into her eyes as we’re rocking back and forth. I want to feel truly present in that moment.”

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert first met on the set of “DWTS” in 2015. Erbert graced the stage for seven seasons and four tours of the show found a partner in Hough, who had secured the Mirrorball Trophy an astounding six times as a pro dancer.

The couple announced their engagement on June 2, 2022. The engagement was a testament to Hough’s creativity and dedication, as he orchestrated a surprise that transformed their Los Angeles home into a realm of pure love and devotion.

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