Does The AMC “Lodge 49” Going To Be Saved By Netflix?

Does The AMC “Lodge 49” Going To Be Saved By Netflix
Does The AMC “Lodge 49” Going To Be Saved By Netflix

Due to the show ratings, AMC has decided that they are not going to renew the Lodge 49 for third season. Can Netflix save this comedy doomed drama?

Firstly, it was reported that the AMC Lodge 49 is not returning for the third outing. The show was having some issues, the audience of this show was not getting stable on AMC weekly. But further it reports that it has developed and devoted everything. It also clarifies that this series is having high rotten tomato ratings.

Wyatt Russell is the series features of this AMC Lodge 49. He is the one who got features in the season 3 of Black Mirror Playtests. As soon as the deadline is pointing out, the show is going to be shopped to other networks. This is because it will help in saving the show even if AMC has not chosen it. This show is soon going to be shopped by other outlets.

Will Netflix save Lodge 49?

According to the Netflix Officials, they can save Lodge 49, but there are a lot of factors that are taking into consideration. Recently, Netflix is the site getting likes due to Lucifer and Designated Survivor.

Sadly, Netflix is coming at the last in terms of saving this show. The first port of call, and most important people with streaming data are Hulu and Amazon. Hulu is the site streaming series in US whereas amazon is the site handling international distribution.

Netflix and AMC are the sites that parted there ways several years back due to some issues. Hence, AMC productions is now heading with Hulu. Stay updated to know if Netflix will revive Lodge 49 or not?

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