Facebook To Ask Users About The Negative Experiences Faced In News Feed

Facebook To Ask Users About The Negative Experiences Faced In News Feed

Facebook is trying very hard to fix out the News Feed, it is asking the users about the type of content they want to see in the News Feed. Approximately by next month, the company is going to start with the survey and will ask the users about the type of content they are experiencing in their News Feed. Facebook will also survey, whether the content in News Feed is too much political content or not.

As per the updates, Facebook is getting too much feedback from the people that they are seeing too much political content and many other posts and comments that detract from their News Feed experience. Facebook through a blog post, has said that we will work better to understand what sort of content is linked with these such negative experiences. Apart from this, the company is also going to survey whether the people find the content inspirational or not. The main aim of Facebook is to help the users in customization of their News Feed as per their interests.

At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg- founder of Facebook says that he wants to reduce down the political content from the News Feed. This is because people don’t want politics and fighting to take over their experiences. Separately, Facebook has been constantly testing ways to wipe off the political posts from the News Feed.

Probing further, Facebook will soon test out another tool that will help the users to have more control over the sort of feed that they see. There will be a new button ‘x’ that will help the users to hide specific posts from their News Feed. The button that we are talking about is already provided to the users for hiding posts, but this option is buried under the menu. Hence, this is the only reason why many people do not know it exists.

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