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Final Fantasy XIV is Coming to Xbox Consoles

Final Fantasy XIV is Coming to Xbox Consoles
Image: Square Enix

Recently, Square Enix made a big announcement which will make gamers go head over heels. The announcement was regarding Downtrail’s mark of FF14’s fifth major expansion. The exciting announcement was made at FF14’s fan fest which was held in Las Vegas.

Although the game was released ten years before on other platforms, it took a while for Xbox. Fortunately, Square Enix relieved the gamers after the announcement of FF14’s arrival on Xbox in the spring of 2024. In addition to it, the new game will have updated graphics and improved visuals on the Xbox Series with faster loading times.

Currently in development, the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV will be released as soon as the DawnTrail expansion comes out in the summer of 2024.

Microsoft, the company of Xbox, is constantly making efforts to add final fantasy games to its library. Although it added 10 final fantasy titles to the game pass, Final Fantasy XIV was not included. As a result, it somewhat disappointed the Xbox game players.

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The release of FF14 on Xbox can bring in fans who were disappointed with the game’s delayed release. This move can also attract Japanese gamers who enjoy playing Japanese role-playing games. Additionally, it can help Xbox gain popularity in Japan, as many of its studios typically create games for Sony.

Although this won’t bring drastic changes at the Japanese games studios, it will remove one barrier and will allow Japanese gamers to enjoy the FF14’s updated game.


Will Dawntrail be available on Xbox consoles? 

Fortunately, Dawntrail will soon be able to make its debut in Microsoft’s Xbox. Meanwhile, currently, in development, it is set to release in 2024.

How much will Dawntrail cost? 

Although not announced, it is expected to be similar to the price of its previous expansion, Endwalker.

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