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Free .edu Email Accounts – Complete Guide On How To Create Them!



Free .edu Email Accounts

Provisionally, an .edu email address is exclusive to the US resident students. Though there are people out there who show a great interest in having free .edu email for themselves. Many of them are neither students nor US residents. So, they often find themselves in a complexity of how to get edu email free. Well, if you are also struggling with this concern, then this article is worth your interest. This easy and simple guide will tell you the exact and perfect steps to create free edu email. This guide is made considering interest of people who are not US resident students, but want edu email for free. Before we start sharing the helpful information on how to create free edu email account, we would like to highlight that mostly people like to have this account for having various discounts online.

The instructions and steps mentioned here are practical and updated as per the recent time. Hence, we can say that here you are getting a guide on free .edu email accounts 2019 for flawlessly have edu email and enjoy tremendous benefits.

Guide On How To Create Free Edu Email –

Coming to the main purpose of our guide that is to present updated instructions on how to create free .edu email account for individuals. So, carefully read and implement these steps to have continuous benefits from .edu email accounts. This is a long instructional guide that is being segmented in different parts and each part is precisely written in different steps. So, follow each part and step to get free .edu email for you.

Instructions Related To Part 1 For Free .edu Email Accounts –

Step I – At first go on any US college website like or or any other and go to admissions page, where create your account as a new student. While account creation process,

Step II – For filling up the form with detail, give your real name as well as email; however, for people who are not US citizens, is the place to get details of fake US user. From there, you will find user name and password of a US based user. So, make sure to note down the user name and password carefully somewhere as it will be used in later parts.

Step III – Once the details are filled, you can click on the submit button.

This is all you need to do for creating account and then, move on next part of this guide.

Instructions Related To Part II For Free .edu Email Accounts –

Once you have US user account along with login details, log into the college website as new user and then, tap on Apply Now button. There, you can choose any college available in the list and proceed to apply by clicking on it. A new page will pop up and there, click on the option for Apply Now. At that stage, you will be asked for multiple questions and you need to answer them all. For your consideration, following mentioned an example of various questions asked at this stage.

First and last name: Add name that was entered in part 1 and let other fields remain empty.

Birthdate – Add details as mentioned in part 1

Social Security Number: Put in details fetched from

Gender: Male/Female

Racial or ethnic identification: White

Have you ever applied, attended ……: No

Then click on the option for Save & Continue –

When you are asked to give email or mailing details, give details generated from the link

Is this your permanent address: Yes

After filling up all details, tick on the box available before I have reviewed the guidelines box and then, click on save and continue.

Which …..  high school education: I don’t have a GED/High …….

Last date attended: 01/2017

Highest grade completed: 11th grade.

Have you ever attend …. : No

I have planned to earn a degree…..: No

I plan to start class: Choose any

Then, click on Save and Continue.

Have you ever served …….. military: No

Are you …….. military: No

Click on Save and Continue.

Parent 1 and 2: Choose any.

What is your current status?: Native US

Primary spoken language: English

Do you want……: No

Then Click on Submit your completed application.

Instructions Related To Part 3 –

Once you complete the process of filing application successfully, add your digital signature that is your complete name. After doing that, you will get redirected to a new page that will present you the User Name and a Password that is temporary. Write down these details carefully somewhere.

Then go to college website and then login. Here, you will receive an .edu email for free.

Why One Should Create A .edu Email Account –

With an .edu email, one can receive tremendous benefits online. Following listed few notable ones that attract numerous people to get an .edu email account for him or herself.

GitHub Free Student Developer Pack –

The developer tools provided by GitHub are quite beneficial for developers and when you have an .edu email account, you can have a student developer page from GitHub absolutely free. This pack comprises of total 12 amazing offers with many free services like $50 web based Ocean Coupons, $15 Amazon AWS coupons, Crowdflower free access, Bitnami business 3 plan, 1 year SSL certificate with free registration with dotMe domain name, unlimited private and public GitHub repositories etc.

Amazon Student Pack –

By signing up to the account of Amazon Student using .edu email ID, you can enjoy Amazon Prime membership for 6 months absolutely free. With this free membership, you can enjoy 2 days free shipping on various products shop from Amazon, access great student based deals, enjoy unlimited video streaming on Amazon Prime and a great photo storage over Amazon Prime Photo.

Microsoft DreamSpark –

This email allows users to get Microsoft DreamSpark along with Microsoft Office 365 free subscription and many useful software.

Just remember that the activation of login credentials of .edu email account would take around 6 hours of time. Hence, until it is activated, you will see an error message saying invalid user ID and Password.

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