Gabb Watch Review: All About The Parents-Approved Kids Smartwatch

Gabb Watch Review: All About The Parents-Approved Kids Smartwatch

With Gabb’s 2021 introduction of its smartwatch for kids, many Internet users are looking forward to buying the device. So, in the guide, the writer has detailed everything about the Gabb Watch including its features, review, and pricing. For better consideration, this article also brings you an alternative list to the Gabb Watch 3.0.

With crime cases soaring, parents want to stay connected with their children by taking advantage of the latest technology. However, the latest technology is not developed, according to a child’s use. So, Gabb, a cellular technology company, introduces devices specially designed for the use of underage children. One of the Gabb’s much-sought devices is the Gabb Watch, a GPS tracker and a safe cell phone device for children. Scroll down to learn more about the watch.

About Gabb Watch

About Gabb Watch

In 2021, Gabb introduced the ‘Gabb Watch 3,’ a new kids’ smartwatch with geofencing, in-built GPS, and a memory storage capacity of 8GB. A kid’s smartwatch that offers a plethora of features to keep your child connected and safe, it features an extended display. According to Amazon, the Gabb Watch’s features are,

Reliable GPS & Tracking Functionality

Through this device, you can gain peace of mind by tracking your child’s location and setting customisable zones that notify you when your child leaves, enters specified locations, and more

Unlimited Talk & Text

The Gabb Watch 3 features a full keyboard and it also allows for a conversion of speech-to-text, customizable twenty text messages, enables voice messaging, and is set to send emojis.

Parental Accessed Contact List

The Gabb Watch 3 features a parental-managed contact list and can have 100 contacts. It also has an SOS feature.

Focus & Silent Modes

Parent-controlled modes restrict distractions during the child’s academic hours; however, it still allows both the child and primary and guardian contacts to reach each other at any time. Another parent-controlled feature, Focus & Silent Mode is tailored to manage the removal of distractions in important times.

Need of Children

Designed especially for children, The Gabb Watch 3 comes with a higher water resistance than an Apple iPhone, the screen is made with Gorilla Glass 3, and the band is made of silicon.

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What are the quick specifications for a Gabb Watch?

The quick specifications, as mentioned by the Gabb’s Watch 3 website are,

  • GPS Tracking
  • Customisable Safe Zones
  • Does Not Feature Any Unsafe Application
  • Have the SOS/contact feature 
  • Parental Access to Contacts Features
  • Focus & Silent Mode Scheduling
  • Wireless Charging Feature
  • Strengthened Durability
  • Increased Network Coverage
  • Added Speech-To-text and comfortable Keyboard

Gabb Watch 3.0 Review: Pros and Cons

Gabb Watch Review: All About The Parents-Approved Kids Smartwatch

After going through the reviews of Gabb Watch 3.0, we have listed a detailed list of pros and cons below;

Design: A sleek design specially tailored for children, the Gabb Watch 3.0 features extended durability and higher-quality screenRestricted Cellular Network: With a Verizon MVNO being its only restricted network, your watch can turned useless in areas having poor MVNO network
Display: For the Gabb Watch 3.0, you will get a colourful and bright displayPoor Geofencing: A review stated that the watch has major geofencing issues. For instance, a reviewer commented that he used to receive notifications all day about his son leaving the school, and in a few minutes, he was back.
Calling Options: A straightforward feature, Gabb Watch 3.0’s calling option allows parents to set contacts accordingly.Safety Features: In recent months, the watch has been reported for safety features which are yet to be fixed. A user explained how after submitting complaints for safety features was reverted to “We are currently working on software updates to improve these location capabilities. Some of the natural GPS drift is coming into play, and we are working to bring it in line with the expectations we have for the device.”
Location and Safe Zone: With its built-in GPS, you can conveniently locate your child.

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What is the pricing for Gabb Watch 3.0?

The 2021 launched smartwatch is priced at a nominal price of $147. If you are looking forward to a discount, the website, Lipgloss and Crayons, provides a coupon with the code, LIP GLOSS.

[Note: While the coupon is not provided by our website, Lipgloss and Crayons claims to be providing a discount of $22]

Gabb Cellular Plan

After selecting the Gabb Watch 3.0, you will be redirected to a page where you can buy a Gabb Cellular plan. The plans come with three features, A year’s contract priced at $12.99, a 3-year contract priced at $14.99, and a no contract priced at $17.99, respectively.

Gabb Warranty

The Gabb Warranty comes with two options, a warranty access which promises to cover the damage priced at $4.99, and a no-warranty option

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What are the alternatives to Gabb Watch 3.0?

While, since its release in 2021, Gabb Watch 3.0 has marked an impactful performance among smartwatches, it has also received several alternatives and competitors. They are,

1. Gizmowatch 2

Gizmowatch 2

Priced At: $149

A Verizon device, Gizmowatch 2 is a kids-friendly smartwatch tailored for the convenience of parents. With its guaranteed geo-fencing, GPS inability, and fun application, the Internet has listed it as one of the best alternatives to Gizmowatch 2.

2. TickTalk 5

TickTalk 5

Priced At: $159.99

An Amazon-listed kids smartwatch, TickTalk 5 is a 4G LTE cellular smartwatch which enables voice and video calls, location tracking, and wellness tracking. Specially tailored for ages 5-12, TickTalk 5 enables Wi-fi, making the device stand out among other kids’ smart-watches.

3. Garmin Bounce

Priced at: $149.99

Another alternative to Gabb Watch 3.0, Garmin Bounce is a kid sports smartwatch with additional LTE connectivity, calls and text messages, and safety and GPS availability.

Final Words

In essence, The Gabb Watch 3.0’s average reviews have stated it is a good smartwatch tailored especially for children. While a section of experienced users have criticised the smartwatch for its poor safety, our writers have come along with a list of Gabb Watch alternatives that guarantee enhanced safety. Not only alternatives, but the above-mentioned guide will educate about the much-sought-after watch in detail.

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