BoJack Horseman Season 7: Is The Show Canceled On Netflix?

BoJack Horseman Season 7

“BoJack Horseman” is surely one of the most critically acclaimed Netflix series that’s adultly animated. It has covered various aspects like depression, self-destructive behavior, sexuality, trauma, racism, sexism, and addiction. The viewers of “BoJack Horseman” became great fans of its strong take on the storyline, and many of them wanted to see season 7 of this Netflix series. However, they won’t probably see another returning season of this Hollywood satire.

This adult-animated American dark comedy-based web television series was created by Bob Waksberg. The first season of this show was released on Netflix on August 22nd, 2014. In the initial episodes, it experienced a mixed response from the viewers, but the creators were confident enough. Therefore, they kept renewing the series for future instalments. On Netflix, there are a total of 6 seasons, and the last season was released in 2020. Since then, the fans of such adult sitcom series have been looking forward to another season, but perhaps their demand won’t be fulfilled.

What’s the latest renewal status of BoJack Horseman Season 7? 

Even before the premiere of the 6th season of “BoJack Horseman” was completed, Netflix announced the cancellation of the 7th installment. Bob Waksberg, the creator of this series, has revealed that Netflix informed them about the cancellation long ago so that they would be able to animate and write an appropriate ending for the series. As the creator was opting to continue the installments for some more years, this decision by the streaming giant was unfortunate for him as well. His statement also supports that.

Waksberg said that he desired that this show would go on for many more years. However, he thinks that because of the business policies of Netflix, this streaming platform made the decision that would best serve its purpose. Also, he mentioned that this web television show has been streamed for six years, and that’s also a significantly good run. Therefore, sadly, since Netflix itself has cancelled the further installments of the series, there is almost zero chance of releasing the 7th season, even though there’s immense demand for it.

If BoJack Horseman 7 Season had happened, what would be the story?

In the finale season, i.e., the 6th season, the creator, Bob Waksberg, altered the plotline a little to offer it a satisfying and original ending. At the end of the season, the viewers saw that BoJack had almost drowned in the swimming pool. However, he survived somehow. Also, he was ready to get his life back on track after serving the jail sentence.

Therefore, the ending of the sixth season portrays that BoJack was hopeful about his future. Hence, the seventh season would have concentrated on that exact aspect of his life. In that season, BoJack’s life could turn out to be more inspiring, and there would be scope for him to further explore his sexuality. But all of the probabilities are now just a theory, as the streaming giant has already confirmed that the 7th season of this adult-animated Amecian series will not return. Firstly, the decision was not taken by the creator, but fortunately, Netflix offered him hints that the 6th season would be the series finale, and therefore he was able to create an appropriate sendoff to the show.

Is there any chance of “BoJack Horseman” returning with the 7th season?

The 6th season of BoJack Horseman has ended with a clear conclusion; hence, it’s not likely that there is some huge unresolved cliffhanger that would push the fans to demand a further season. However, it seems hugely possible that, if given the choice, Bob Wakesberg would have kept going for many more future seasons. But the creation of new episodes is surely over.


1. Will there be a “BoJack Horseman” season 7?

For fans who are eagerly waiting for the 7th follow-up of Bojack Horseman or a revival season, it’s bad news that the upcoming season has been officially cancelled by Netflix. As soon as the streamer began streaming the 6th season, it was absolutely clear that the 6th season was the final season of the show, as all the characters came to a concluding point.

2. Who is BoJack Horseman based on?

Many fans have thought that BoJack Horseman is modelled on one of the popular 1990s sitcom actors, while others hypothesize that this character can be based on any one of the leading cast members of “Full House” or even “Friends.” However, Bob Waksberg has not yet officially revealed the real-life inspiration behind portraying the character of the anthropomorphic horseman. However, he gave credit to some shows that portray the same cynical tones, such as “Californication.”

3. Why did BoJack Horseman get cancelled?

During the 5th season of Bojack Horseman in 2018, Netflix evolved from a small streaming platform and kept increasing the content budget to replace various licensed series with the latest Netflix originals. BoJack was one of the old original series that even outlasted some of the latest series, but that didn’t last very long as Netflix officially cancelled any further seasons of this web television series. Some critics think that the show became unable to serve up Netflix’s algorithm to the proper audience, and thus it was cancelled.

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