Han So Hee’s Threatens Legal Action Against Trolls Over Malicious Posts

Han So Hee's Threatens Legal Action Against Trolls Over Malicious Posts
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South Korean actress Han So Hee’s label has warned to take legal action against the trolls who are tarnishing the ‘Nevertheless’ actress’s reputation and mentally harassing her on social media. Meanwhile, the news came following the much-sought-after couple Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol confirmed their relationship.

On Monday, March 18, 2024, the actress’ label, 9ATO Entertainment, released an official statement on social media regarding her budding love relationship with her co-actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Addressing the ongoing troll amid the actor’s confirmed relationship, the page stated, Hello.

This is 9ato Entertainment. Han So Hee feels gratitude for the public attention that comes with her job as an actress, and she has worked to give back for the love and support of many people. However, being a human before being an actress, she is experiencing a very difficult time emotionally due to speculative posts and malicious comments that are being written indiscriminately.”

Following the gratitude statement, the label then threatened to take legal action against sharing any malicious post related to Han So Hee: “In relation to this, we will take strong action against those who write or circulate any malicious content that damages the reputation of our artist, regardless of the degree of its severity. Our company and the actress deeply reflect on the troubles caused to many people during the process of announcing her relationship. We will closely watch over our actress to ensure that she can move in the right direction and will put in our full effort to protect our artist.

Relationship Timeline of Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol

Amid several controversies, actress Han So Hee confirmed her relationship with actor Ryun Jun Yeol on March 23, 2024. In her blog, Han So Hee, while stating her relationship, claimed, “We Are in a Relationship With Good Feelings, but please take the word transit (cheating or rebound) out.

Further, the actress also claimed that she was told that her fellow actor, Ryu Jun Yeol, has been single since January 2023.

On the contrary, Ryu Jun Yeol ended his relationship with idol actress Hyeri in November 2023, and the news of his dating Ryu Jun Yeol came four months later, which stirred up media controversy.

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