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Mythic Quest Season 4 Release Dates: When is the Video Gaming Series Coming Out?

Mythic Quest Season 4 Release Dates: When is the Video Gaming Series Coming Out?
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Mythic Quest’s three seasons enticed its enthusiasts with its adaption of the popular fictional video game series. Now, with Mythic Quest Season 4 on the horizon, anticipation is high. Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything we know about the much-anticipated Season 4 of Mythic Quest.

Has Mythic Quest Season 4 Been Renewed?

Mythic Quest Season 4, which will be an adaptation of the fictional video game series, received a double renewal in October 2021. With its third season being premiered on November 11, 2022, Season 4 of Mythic Quest is awaited by a plethora of fans.

Owing to a million fanbase of Mythic Quest, the upcoming season’s anticipation has reached a heightened level.

What Are The Release Dates of Mythic Quest Season 4?

Although Season 4 received an early renewal, there are no announced release dates for the series. While an official announcement for Mythic Quest Season 4 has yet to be announced, the co-creators have hinted the series will be released in 2024. If the post-production gets green light, the release could be anticipated as early as 2024.

Where can We Watch Mythic Quest Season 4?

When Mythic Quest receives a premiere, viewers can binge-watch Rob McElhenney’s starter series on Apple+. With a minimal subscription fee, if you haven’t joined the streaming series, you can join now before the Mythic Quest Season 4’s premiere.

Mythic Quest Season 4 Release Dates: When is the Video Gaming Series Coming Out?
Image: Apple TV+

Who Is In the Cast of Mythic Quest Season 4?

The list of the cast remains unconfirmed as the series has seen ensemble characters joining and leaving. While some core Mythic Quest characters are returning to the setback, such as Rob McElhenney’s Ian Grimm, other fates are unclear. At the same time, expectations are set as witnessing Mythic Quest Season 3 returning. Meanwhile, the cast list includes,

  • Rob McElhenney as Ian Grimm
  • Judah Prehn portrays a young Ian Grimm (“Sarian”)
  • Ashly Burch as Rache
  • Jessie Ennis as Jo
  • Imani Hakim as Dana Bryant
  • David Hornsby as David Brittlesbee
  • Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Liwanag / Poppy Li, the lead engineer and co-creative director of Mythic Quest and also Grimpop
  • Isla Rose Hall portrays a young Poppy Liwanag (“Sarian”)
  • Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi, the head of monetization and later a janitor for Mythic Quest.
  • F. Murray Abraham as Carl Longbottom / C.W. Longbottom (seasons 1–2), the head writer of Mythic Quest.
  • Josh Brener portrays a young Carl Longbottom (“Backstory!”)
  • Joe Manganiello as himself (“The Two Joes” & “The Year of Phil”)
  • Lindsey Kraft as Sarah Grimm (“Sarian”)
  • Hayley Magnus as Olivia Liwanag (“Sarian”)
  • Casey Sander as Grandpa Joe (“Sarian”)
  • Dionysio Basco as Benito Liwanag (“Sarian”)
  • Sam Witwer as Ian Grimm Sr. (“Sarian”)
  • Robert Picardo as Principal Taggart (“Sarian”)
  • Andrew Friedman as Andy (“The Year of Phil” & “Buffalo Chicken Pizza”)
  • Michael Naughton as Mikey (“The Year of Phil” & “Buffalo Chicken Pizza”)
  • Naomi Ekperigin as Carol (season 3; recurring seasons 1–2),

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Mythic Quest Season 4 Plot

The plot for Mythic Quest Season 4 is still under wraps, but the show’s creators have hinted at exploring Iam Grinn’s Vision. In the last season, Mythic Quest Season 3, we witnessed Poppy and Ian leaving the “Mythic Quest” to set up their private game company, Grimpop, located in the basement of MQ. However, in the process of working this out, Poppy gets desperate after failing to receive the company’s funding.

In conclusion, Mythic Quest Season 3 features Ian and Poppy rejoining MQ, the location where they decided to start Play-pen, which has an in-game expansion. On the contrary, Dana initiates her company in the same basement, threatening Jo and Brad from MQ.

Is There a Trailer for Mythic Quest Season 4?

Owing to a delayed production, Mythic Quest Season’s 4 trailers are still under wraps. However, since the series is expected to premiere anytime by the end of 2024, we can expect to witness the season 4 trailer by the middle of 2024.

In essence, Season 4 has no officially announced release dates yet. It’s expected to arrive by the fall of 2024. As reported by a media house, the writers’ room has started discussing the plotting and filming of the first episode, but the production process takes time.

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