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Have a Look at the Top 10 Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Have a Look at the Top 10 Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Uncover the world’s top-earning female athletes with us. Although obstacles still exist for women in sports, such as unequal salaries and inadequate facilities, greater awareness is now leading to increased advocacy for improved conditions for professional female athletes. Let’s continue to strive together so that these inspiring figures will have access to better opportunities!

The growth of sports leagues and their owners is inspiring; more sports are now broadcasted on TV than ever before. In 2021, the highest-paid female athletes in the world earned a record-breaking $167 million before taxes – that’s 16% higher than in 2013’s and 23% more than in 2020! Naomi Osaka holds the number one spot with her impressive total of $57.3 million, beating out her own previous calendar year record. Serena Williams closely follows at second place with an astounding income of 45.9 million dollars!

Here’s The List of the World’s Top 10 Highest-Paid Female Athletes

1. Naomi Osaka: $53.2 million

Naomi Osaka Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Naomi Osaka is a remarkable Japanese professional tennis player who has made history by becoming the first Asian athlete to hold the top ranking in singles according to the Women’s Tennis Association. Her four Grand Slam titles, two from US Open and two from the Australian Open, have inspired millions worldwide, solidifying her as an unforgettable figure within the realm of tennis. Following the signing of Nick Kyrgios as its first client outside of Osaka, Evolve has seen an improvement in Kyrgios’ tennis performance like never before.

2. Serena Williams: $35.3 million

Serena Williams Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Serena Jameka Williams is a renowned American professional tennis player who has since retired. Praised as one of the most prominent players to ever take part in this sport, she was ranked No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association for an astonishing 319 weeks and held her spot at year-end No. 1 five times – surpassing 186 consecutive weeks! This powerful record speaks volumes about her accomplishments throughout her career.

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3. Emma Raducanu: $26.2 million

Emma Raducanu Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Following her triumphant victory in New York, Raducanu’s performances on the court have been underwhelming. Her record for 2022 is abysmal and her prize money of $696,000 has placed her at a dismal 58th spot on the WTA Tour leaderboard.

4. Eileen Gu: $22.1 million

Eileen Gu Highest-Paid Female Athletes

At the Beijing Olympics, Gu made history as she became the first person to win three freestyle skiing medals in a single Games; her silver medal for slopestyle was an impressive accomplishment.

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5. Simone Biles: $9 million

Simone Biles Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Despite the setbacks Simone Biles faced during last year’s Tokyo Olympics due to “twisties”, her strength and determination enabled her star power to continue radiating. Thanks to this remarkable resilience, she has since become a powerful symbol of mental health awareness and recognition, as well as a highly sought-after endorser for several noteworthy brands like Autograph, Subway Powerade, Wheaties, and Athleta.

6. Jin Young Ko: $8.3 million

Jin Young Ko Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Last year, the South Korean golfer received a remarkable prize of $1.5 million and was hailed as 2021 LPGA Player of the Year! Amazingly, she holds more than twelve endorsements from renowned organizations such as LG Electronics, DAOL Financial Group, Solaire Resort & Casino Manila, Bridgestone Golf – plus Nikon, Titleist, Korean Air, and Adidas. Her success is truly extraordinary!

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7. Iga Świątek: $8.1 million

Iga Świątek Highest-Paid Female Athletes

This calendar year, Świątek won the French Open and U.S. Opens for a total of $9.4 million in prize money – twice as much as Ons Jabeur who holds second place! Not only is she sponsored by some amazing brands like Rolex, Asics, Red Bull, Technifbre, and Lexus and but due to her world No 1 ranking there are lucrative end-of-year bonuses coming her way too!

8. Coco Gauff: $7.7 million

Coco Gauff Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Coco Gauff’s climb to the top has been nothing short of remarkable, with many predicting that she may one day take over Serena Williams’ crown. She made history earlier this year when she blazed her way into both singles and doubles finals at the French Open, an astonishing feat for someone so young! And now just this week, in a momentous development, Coco is officially ranked as one of the world’s top five players – marking yet another career milestone for her!

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9. Ashleigh Barty: $7.6 million

Ashleigh Barty Highest-Paid Female Athletes

The tennis world was taken aback when Barty suddenly announced her retirement at a mere 25 years old, soon after she had been crowned the top-ranked player in January and won Australia’s Open tournament that same February.

10. Leylah Fernandez: $6.4 million

Leylah Fernandez Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Fernandez’s remarkable run to the 2021 U.S Open Final, where she was triumphant against three of the top five tennis players – including Osaka who held last year’s title – culminated in a defeat from Raducanu. This season Lululemon noticed her talents and signed up for their tennis campaign, along with other endorsements from Subway, Google, Gatorade, and Morgan Stanley among ten additional partners!

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