How a Cloud-based PBX Service Can Save Money and Improve Customer Service

How a Cloud-based PBX Service Can Save Money and Improve Customer Service
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Communication is an essential aspect of customer service, client retention, sales, and nearly every other aspect of business. This becomes more difficult as the size of the business increases, as a startup with 10 employees in one office will naturally have an easier time than an established corporation with thousands around the world.

One way that companies can improve their business communications and make sure that calls from customers, clients, vendors, and everyone else are routed to the correct department is by using a Cloud-based PBX Service. This is just one of the many benefits the system provides.

Let’s take a look at what a Cloud PBX Service is and some of the many ways in which it can help businesses reach the next levels of both customer service and employee satisfaction, as well as helping to promote business growth.

What is a Cloud-based PBX Service?

In this context, “PBX” stands for “Private Branch Exchange,” which is the modern version of a large company operating its own personal switchboard for directing calls from customers to clients. “Cloud-based” means that it operates remotely from a computing Cloud and the servers are not physically located inside of a company’s headquarters.

How Does a Cloud PBX Work? What Are the Most Important Features?

A Cloud PBX works by removing traditional landlines from the equation and routing all phone calls through an online switchboard that is operated by the provider. They operate as voice-over IP (VOIP), which means that calls are handled over the Internet instead of through phone lines. This can either be handled through an online interface or in conjunction with traditional business VOIP phone systems.

However, there are also other important differences between a business VOIP service and traditional landlines. For example, a VOIP service can allow for native video conferences and text messaging, whereas a standard business phone can only handle phone calls. It can also integrate with other standard business communications apps like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and SalesForce.

What Are the Benefits of a Cloud-based PBX Service?

The primary benefit, as mentioned, is the improvement of communications by ensuring that calls are properly directed to the correct person or department. Similarly, it makes the process of adding or removing phone lines significantly easier than before, as it is remotely managed and does not require waiting on a local telecommunications company to send out a field technician.

Another major benefit is the amount of time and money a Cloud PBX Service saves. First, as there is no physical server located inside the company’s headquarters, there are no maintenance or repair costs associated with the service. Second, system updates for hardware or firmware are free, unlike the old system where they could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

Additionally, the system is designed to serve all employees, including those who work from home. This is vital, as a 2021 study revealed that nearly 30% of remote employees would quit and find a new job if they were forced to return to the office.

Under the old system, if an expanding company decided to move into a larger office building, dealing with the phone migration would be a massive headache that required a lot of time and money. With a voice-over IP (VOIP) phone system and a Cloud-based PBX, employees can work from anywhere in the world and, as long as they have an internet connection, their phones will still work as intended.

It can also improve internal communication, which has been a concern for employees around the world for decades. Studies have shown that 86% of employees have blamed intracompany communication issues for business failures and, conversely, businesses whose employees and management communicate effectively are up to 25% more productive than their counterparts.

Summary and Conclusion

These are just a few of the many reasons why businesses should consider moving to a Cloud-based PBX service to handle all of their communications needs. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enabling remote workers to be as productive at home as they would be in the office are essential to every company’s growth. Cloud-based PBX services achieve all of these goals, plus a whole lot more.

Businesses looking to improve customer service, both internal and external communication, and save money in the process would do well to consider abandoning their traditional landlines and switching to a subscription-based Cloud PBX Service.

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