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Soulja Boy’s Net Worth: How He Rose To Fame And Amassed Such Fortune?

Soulja Boy's Net Worth: How He Rose To Fame And Amassed Such Fortune?

Thinking about what is soulja boy’s net worth? This post is here to guide you on his path to success. The American record producer and rapper has set an example in the hip hop industry. 

He revolutionized the entire culture of rap and hip hop. Soulja boy’s career has led to the generation of a humongous amount of wealth. Today, the net worth of soulja boy is around $30 million. Before diving into How much is soulja boy net worth? Let’s look into his early life a bit.

Early Life

He was born as DeAndre Cortez in the lands of Chicago Illinois back on 28th July, 1990. By the time Soulja boy was six, he loved rap and felt drawn towards the music industry. Looking at this, Tracy Way (his father) arranged a recording studio for him.

One of the most precious soulja boy assets was this. He posted his first ever song on click bait when he was only 15. He soon realized that social media was a brilliant mode of exposure for promoting his music. He started building his idea of music using social media platforms. He created accounts on MySpace and YouTube.

In March 2007, Soulja boy released his first mixtape. This was the beginning of his brilliant music career. Soulja boy salary took a major turn since that release.

Soulja Boy's Net Worth: How He Rose To Fame And Amassed Such Fortune?

Music Career

His initial album created a little buzz. But, it did not create enough recognition that he expected. Later, he went on and recorded “Crank That Soulja Boy”. The song got released along with a low cost video featuring a ‘crank that’ dance.

‘Crank That’ soon became a big Internet sensation. This mix had set brilliant records all over the US. In fact, the song was at number 1 on Billboard. Another contribution to soulja boy net worth was the nomination. This hit song got nominated at the Grammys under the Best rap song category. This was a turning point for him.

Soulja boy was one of the 1st rappers that gained tremendous popularity and fame back in time. He paved his way to success. It was a message to all rappers that nobody needs a huge record label or cosign to earn a name in the music industry.

Soon, Soulja boy signed up with Interscope Records. Currently, he is working with famous personalities. They are Billie Ellish, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many more.

Soulja boy’s success helped enter the world of fashion and acting. All the extra ventures helped Soulja boy create amazing assets. Today, JSoulja boy net worth 2022 is $30 million. We hope now you know what soulja boy net worth 2022 is. 

Soulja Boy Net Worth

As of April 2022, soulja net worth is $30 million. Most of his wealth is because of his hit songs. His second mixtape alone added $8 million dollars to his account. We hope this answers your question to how much is soulja boy worth.

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