How to Choose a Brush for Hair Extensions?

How to Choose a Brush for Hair Extensions?

To make your hair extensions look beautiful and well-groomed, it is important to choose the right hair extension brush. That will help to extend the lifespan of hair extensions and make their wearing even more comfortable.

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What Kind of Brush Should I Use With Extensions?

First, let’s figure out which combs to avoid:

  • Combs with hard plastic or metal bristles. Such products can damage your hair.
  • Brushes with massage bristles with nodules. They might get stuck in the bonds or tapes, and pull out the extended strands. 

Having analyzed the market of modern hairbrushes, we know exactly which option is the best for extended hair.

Meet Janeke mixed bristle brush with nylon and boar bristles!

What makes this brush so good?

  1. Perfect for everyday use for hair extensions due to the combination of two types of bristles. Boar bristles make the hair silky and shiny as if you had just left the spa. Nylon bristles gently comb the strands without any tension and help to preserve the bonds or tapes. The brush also protects the extension strands from sliding off, thus prolonging hair extensions’ lifespan.
  2. An ergonomically designed handle ensures that your hands will not be tired of combing even if you have very long and thick hair. 
  3. Stylish design will make this brush your favorite beauty accessory. It is available in 2 sizes: one is designed for home use, and the other is compact and perfect for travel or the gym.

Of course, for the brush to perform the claimed functions, you should follow your hairstylist’s recommendations:

  • Brush your hair gently moving from the tips to the roots. 
  • Before brushing pull your hair together like you want to make a low ponytail, this will reduce unnecessary tension and protect the roots from damage.
  • Move the brush slowly and gently. Then tapes and bonds won’t be damaged. Pay more attention to the areas where the hair extensions are attached. 
  • Once a week wash your brush in warm water with soap. 

Ready to buy the best hair extension brush? Then visit the site of the popular Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair: here you will find a large selection of quality original Janeke brushes that will make your hair extensions routine as enjoyable and easy as possible!

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