How to Create a Perfect Social Media Presentation

How to Create a Perfect Social Media Presentation
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

We are witnessing a world moving towards technology by leaps and bounds. Remember the old simpler days and the technological innovations that are a part of our everyday life now?

Digitalization has brought the culture of social media into our lives. Now, it is one of the most concrete and quick platforms for people to connect with each other and for companies to gain traction and connect with their customers, irrespective of the industry. 

Your social media strategy incorporates a lot of critical parts like research, campaign goals and objectives, task list, campaign deliverables, etc. And that’s the reason your social media presentation should be impactful, comprehensive, and perfectly organized. 

This article is a detailed guide on how to create a killer social media presentation.

What Do You Mean by a Social Media Presentation?

A social media presentation is a visual document crafted to show how social media can help fulfill certain goals and objectives. Some of the other reasons for creating these presentations could be-

  • You want to present some research/study, goals, and strategies to the management.
  • Keep your social media team updated, or let them know of something specific.
  • Depict the success of social media campaigns and highlight the ROI.
  • Pitch ideas to a client.
  • To showcase the benefits of a social media campaign in marketing.
  • In general, to present the benefits of using social media.

Pro Tips to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Social Media Presentation

Remember your favorite show and how you were hooked for the entire length? We don’t get much time to woo people to our content during the presentation. So, it’s important to create a crisp and meaningful presentation that resonates with people. Keep these tips in mind to create a meaningful presentation-

Learn about your audience

You need to learn about the people you will be addressing. It will be wise to include examples that take care of their concerns or pain points. It will help them really connect to your presentation.

Be clear about your goal

Have a clear idea of what you are seeking to achieve. Do you want to get new business or showcase the ROI of some campaign? Create your presentation around that specific goal with relevant research.

Know how you intend to relay the information

Follow a proper structure to align your presentation. You can use storytelling to highlight problems, actions, resolutions, results, etc. Also, remember to include a compelling CTA at the end.

The hook

How do you intend to hook people to your presentation? A powerful hook and careful dissemination of information will keep everyone glued to your content. Include gripping growth stats, engagement metrics, rhetorical questions, KPIs, etc., in your presentation.

Provide an overview at the beginning

It will help create a natural flow for your presentation. Let everyone know how you intend to go ahead before moving on with the details. This structured approach will provide a connection and link to your slides in everyone’s mind and let them know what to expect as well.

Use compelling visuals

You will have data to compare or show a timeline when creating a social media presentation. Take the help of bars, charts, graphs, timelines, etc., to add some aesthetics and engagement to your slides.

Q&As are always important

Be it any kind of presentation; it is wise to put breaks in your presentation to keep people truly engaged. Otherwise, it is just a monologue, and people can quickly lose attention. Include a pause by including Q&A rounds in between your presentation.

Don’t overflow with the information

Remember to keep your slides engaging and clean by not flooding them with information. Use the white space well and include just one topic per slide. It has numerous benefits-

  1. A bigger font makes your slides legible (limited words per slide).
  2. People will be able to retain the information better.
  3. Nobody will bother to read from the slides when you have limited content. 
  4. Your presentation slide will look more structured and aesthetically coherent.
  5. You will remember the content better (in case you lose track) in between the presentation.

Steps to Create the Perfect Social Media Presentation

Social media platforms help brands connect to their users better and build awareness with the content, driving sales eventually.

Now that we have covered the tips, let’s move on to the most important part – the steps to create your pitch deck.

1. Research and project discovery

Good research is central to any project and work. The more thorough and detailed you are with your research, the more it will help you in nailing your presentation later. Depending on the intent and purpose of your presentation, include relevant information.

If you are building a social media presentation for a client, include information such as an audit of the current social media scenario, a SWOT analysis, customized content that is apt for the brand, etc.

The core of your presentation would be to assess your audience and give solutions that cater to their pain points.

2. Pick the apt presentation platform

Now that you are ready with the content according to your client’s needs, the next step would be to choose the right platform for your presentation.

Do you plan to create a social media PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides? Do you have Photoshop mockups that you wish to present? Is it a premade template you are going to go ahead with, or do you rely on test pages to show a preview of your posts?

Let’s look at each one of the options and figure out what they are:

Social media management tools

There are various dedicated social media management tools, like Zoho, Sprout Social, HootSuite, Planable, etc., that can help you showcase your work.

These platforms help you create, collaborate, and showcase work on numerous social media platforms. You also get access to some good marketing presentation platforms to showcase work in a visually appealing format.

PowerPoint or Keynote

You can create presentations on PowerPoint and Keynote Slides and share that with clients and teams. You can use attractive visual elements like illustrations, GIFs, videos, graphs, etc., to present your work effectively. You can also provide a structure to your presentation and work by going for certain formats. For instance, you can arrange work by social media channels (separate slides for all), timeline (monthly, weekly, or everyday), visual content format (images, videos, and carousels), etc.

Google Slides

Effective for collaborative presentation, Google slides is a web-based tool that lets you work with people without any software.

The platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and lets you create good work from scratch. The platform enables you to embed videos or other content easily, making it a great platform to collaborate.

Social media test pages

If you want to showcase the exact outcome of your social media work to your clients, then this is the platform for you. Clients can post and leave feedback in the comment section of your work. You can create a single test page for each of the social media platforms that the client uses.

3. Create an outline

Building an outline is an integral part of creating an impactful presentation. An outline would be the structure of your presentation that keeps you organized and on track. Creating an outline will also help you work on a smooth transition beforehand and keep the content in line and flowy. It will also help you remember your presentation better and make sure that you have all the important points covered.

4. Design the content and organize it

Now that you have everything in place, get ready to organize and shape the content into a concrete presentation. Design and organize your content in such a way that it is divided into clear sections and covers all the important points in a visually appealing format. You can create your presentation with the following format.

  • Introduction (team and you)
  • Body of the presentation (important pointers and data)
  • A powerful CTA (Call to Action)

In a Nutshell

Social media presentations can be used for all intents and purposes – be it to woo a new client, present your social media strategy, highlight the success of your campaign, etc. Follow the tips mentioned above to create a killer social media presentation. Also, remember to follow up after your presentation. It will boost engagement and drive better results.