How To Fix The “Web Page is Using Significant Memory” Error in Safari?

How To Fix The "Web Page is Using Significant Memory" Error in Safari?

Safari is very good with resource allocation when opening multiple tabs or running heavy websites. But if you still face the “web page is using significant memory” error, here’s what to do.

We love the ability to open multiple tabs on Safari while working or browsing. Some of us really exploit this ability and keep 10+ tabs at the same time. Safari handles that well. But if you do see the message that a web page is using too much memory and you should close the current tab to enhance the performance of your Mac, do not fret. Follow these easy and simple steps to get rid of the issue within minutes and by yourself.

Close tabs that you are not using

The combination of a MacOS computer and Safari browser allows us to open a large number of tabs at the same time. This luxury often works against us when we lose track of the open tabs and processes going on underneath each of them. We open one too many and the browser throws the error.

The most obvious fix is to do what the message says. Instead of closing the current tab that you want to work on, close some of the others that you are not using at that point or tabs that you are already done with. This will free up some RAM and CPU cycles and let you open new tabs or the web page you need to visit.

Force quit Safari

If your browser becomes unresponsive, and closing tabs doesn’t seem to work, you can force quit Safari. To do that, simply open a new browser window => click on the Apple menu => Force quit.

This will open the Force Quit applications window. Choose Safari from the list of apps and click on Force Quit. This will quit safari forcefully. Open the browser again after that. If the error still persists, try the next method.

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Disable Plugins

Plugins are software extensions enabled on your browser to make the browsing experience better and smoother. However, plugins can often use too much memory and you may need to close them. This is how you do it.

Open a browser window => Click on Safari => choose Preferences => check the box next to “Stop plug-ins to save power”.

This will disable the plugins and help you continue browsing.

Empty the browser caches

Your browser stores some information units of the websites you visit to make them load faster when you revisit them. The cached data can often interfere while your browser tries to open a website. It happens if the cached data is outdated.

Open a Safari window => Click on Safari => Choose Preferences => Enable “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar => Close the Preferences window => Click on Develop from the menu bar => Choose Empty Caches.

This will clear your caches and help your browser load the pages it failed to load.

Check for mining scripts

Mining scripts are functions placed on websites that use the CPU of the website’s visitors as a computational resource to mine cryptocurrencies. You can use a free mining detector to check whether a website has mining scripts. If it does, you need to leave the website and not visit it again. It is a website you use regularly for work, try reporting the situation to relevant authorities. 

Update your MacOS

From the Apple Menu, select System Preferences => Select Software Update. This will automatically update your system or show you available updates. Click on Upgrade Now.

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Upgrade your RAM

As you can guess, this is a more permanent and cost-intensive solution. You cannot upgrade your CPU on MacOS as the motherboard is soldered to the logic board. But you can upgrade your RAM. It will cure a lot of your problems. If you are on a machine that runs 2 GB or 4 GB RAM, consider upgrading to 8GB RAM. If you use resource-hungry websites for work, you might need even more.


Safari is a widely used browser and Apple makes some of the best OSs. But errors like this can happen even on a well-configured machine. You can just hope that it’s an issue solvable by small tweaks and tricks so that you do not have to invest in a RAM. But if you do, it will definitely enhance the overall performance of your MacOS to a great extent. 

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