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Now Recover Corrupted Files from USB Drive in Just Three Simple Steps



Now Recover Corrupted Files from USB Drive in Just Three Simple Steps

The problems encountered while recovering corrupted files from an USB Drive are enough to give a headache. But worry not!  What if I told you that you can recover these corrupted files in just three simple steps?

Now before we start with how to recover corrupted files, let us first ponder on the reasons which might be the cause behind the corruption of these files. Because, isn’t precaution is always better than cure?

Some of the possible causes can be:

  • A virus attack
  • Abrupt removal of an USB device
  • Sudden power outage to the USB media

So, now you know what has caused you to lose your important files and documents. Without much ado now, if you want to know how to recover corrupted files from USB flash drive or recover corrupted files from USB hard drive, please read this article.

Three simple steps of how to recover corrupted files from USB using CMD

Step 1– Press the Windows key along with this press R

Step 2– After doing this, you have to write CMD in order to enter command prompt.

Step 3- In the console window, type ATTRIB –H –R –S/S /D X. You can copy paste the command from here, just replace X with the actual drive letter which contains corrupted files.

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After that, just press enter and you have to wait for the recovery of the corrupted files from the USB drive.

What if the above mentioned method fails to recover my corrupted file?

If the command prompt is unable to recover the corrupted files from USB, then there is nothing to worry about. There are some tools which will help you to recover your file from the USB drive. You can easily use various software like the professional photo recovery software to recover the damage pictures.

Once you have installed the software, the Microsoft excel will detect the corrupted file. Then it will automatically start to recover and repair the document. If it does not starts automatically, then you can manually start it by using the following method:

Step 1: You need to open the excel application, click the file > open

Step 2: Open the location and the folder that contains the corrupted files

Step 3: Select the corrupted document. Then click the arrow next to the open button and then press open and repair. If this does not work, then click the ‘Extract data’ button to extract data from the workbook.

How do I open files on a corrupted USB drive?

There are many users who are facing problems to recover data from a corrupted USB drive. They probably know about how to recover corrupted files from USB but there are physical and logical issues. If you are facing something like this, then you can use a reliable third-party data recovery program in order to recover the file. Free data recovery software like EaseUS will help you to recover the files from corrupted or damaged USB or external drive or pen drive. It will help you to recover more than 200 files including documents, video, photos, email and more.

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Hence, download this recovery tool to recover the corrupted files from a USB drive.

The Final Words:

If you are one of those persons who are worried about how to recover corrupted files from USB, then surely give the above mentioned steps a try. Let us know if they worked for you. Also write to us if you used some other method to recover the files.

Hello. I am Ananya Ghoshal. I am TheNextHint reporter. I am also an engineering student and I love to pen my words down. I enjoy writing about technology news that includes smartphones updates and apps updates among other things. Writing about Entertainment, Latest News come easily to me.

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