Increase Your Essay Word Count With These 4 Tips

Increase Your Essay Word Count With These 4 Tips

Writing can be a difficult endeavor for anyone. There are many different levels of schooling, careers, and even social media platforms that require you to pay special attention to word count. Perhaps it has been a challenge to meet word counts in the past. This is actually quite common. The dilemma most often occurs when you’re tasked with completing a report or essay. Long gone are the days where meeting the word count seems excruciatingly impossible. Word Counter can help with grammar insights, character counting, word counting, and so much more. Let’s take a look at some recommended methods in increasing your word count.

Why Does your word count Matter?

You might be wondering if your word count actually matters. Well, the answer is yes. Essays typically require a minimum word count in order to perform well on the assignment and get a decent grade. Oftentimes, if you don’t meet the word count you will get points knocked off of your overall score. Additionally, it’s important to remember that having a word count can follow you into your career. Specific tasks and assignments might come with a recommended word count. Meeting that word count is typically essential for your perceived performance and assignment success. Using a word counter can help you track your writing progress as you write. Whether it’s for school or for work, your word count seems to always matter. 

Understand the Subject

One of the most essential components to remember when writing is the subject matter. If you have a decent grasp on the content it is significantly easier to meet the word count. There are several ways that having a solid understanding of your subject can increase word count. Let’s take a look at what can improve:

  • Your ability to elaborate will likely improve due to your deep understanding of the content
  • It is likely that you’ll have a good concept of the different subcategories within a subject that are worth mentioning in your essay
  • When you know the content well you may notice a shift in your confidence which can improve your ability to write more words
  • Having a good understanding of the subject can also bring about a refined attention to detail

Each of these areas are likely to see improvement, which will positively impact your increase in word count. Utilizing a word counter will be sure to show you the difference between writing something you know nothing about versus writing an essay that you are knowledgeable in. 

Using a Thesaurus

Using a thesaurus may be a commonly known method to improve vocabulary, but it can also be a wonderful asset in meeting a word count for an assignment. Thesauruses are filled with a variety of words with their definitions. The amount of words to choose from are extensive, bringing life and color to your writing. When you have a tool like a thesaurus in your grasp it can make writing a lot easier. You could find yourself:

  • Getting more creative with your content
  • Coming up with new ideas that branch off into different areas of elaboration
  • Feeling inspired to write with passion, which can fuel the energy you need to meet your word count

It’s obvious that a thesaurus has been used for a long time. But don’t underestimate a thesaurus’ ability to help you meet a word count. Once you start writing for a long time it can be increasingly difficult to maintain the same level of creativity you had from the beginning. A word counter can help you track the amount of times you’ve used the same word. If you have a thesaurus, you can eliminate the redundancy found in your writing. 

Elaboration is Key

As mentioned before, one of the most successful methods of increasing word count is by elaborating. It can be tricky to balance between elaborating too much and not elaborating enough. It’s most important to elaborate within these places:

  • Anytime you notice yourself making claims: always elaborate any support you might have to a claim you’re making
  • All of your main points
  • Whenever you are connecting to the reader to the purpose of the content and why it should matter to them
  • Within the background information so the reader has a decent foundation
  • If there are any future implications in your content, be sure to let the reader know what those are

When you lay out the framework of your essay it is important to know what your main points in the prompt should be and what you want the reader to get out of your writing. If it’s educational, you need to arm your reader with all the facts they need in order to walk away more informed. When it’s a fictional story, get into the details of the plot so that the reader feels connected to the material. Whatever the situation may be, elaborating is your friend. 

Be a Grammarian

Meeting a word count for an essay does not have to feel so daunting. When you can approach your writing with exceptional grammar, elaboration, creativity, and competency, you will find that meeting the word count is a breeze. A word counter can teach you how to use brilliant grammar while giving you the strategy you need to meet the criteria of your assignment. 

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