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iOS 16.4 for iPhone Introduces 5 Brand-New Features

iOS 16.4 for iPhone Introduces 5 Brand-New Features

Apple is in the process of testing iOS 16.4. It promises a cluster of fresh features and modifications for your iPhone. According to Apple, this software update will be accessible to the public during springtime — most likely in March or April.

Check out the five remarkable features that will soon be available on your ‌iPhone‌ with iOS 16.4, such as a variety of new emojis, website push notifications, and more.

1. New Emoji

iOS 16.4 brings with it an array of fresh emoji from Unicode 15.0. It includes a shaking face, multiple heart colors, and animals like donkeys and moose, to name just a few.

2. Web Push Notifications

iOS 16.4 introduces the capability to opt-in for web-based push notifications via Safari on ‌iPhone‌. With this feature, users can receive website notifications in a similar manner as those sent from App Store apps. However, only websites that have been added to the Home Screen as a web app may request such permission.

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3. Beta Updates Menu

With the introduction of iOS 16.4, users can now explore and experience the new “Beta Updates” option in the Settings app found under General > Software Update. This section makes it easy not only to enable developer betas but also public betas as well. No longer will you need complicated configuration profiles from the Apple Developer website.

4. Podcasts App Improvements

iOS 16.4 revolutionizes the Apple Podcasts app, bringing a plethora of new features to both ‌iPhone‌ and CarPlay users.

The Podcasts app on your ‌iPhone‌ has just become even more convenient with a new Channels menu. It gives you access to all of the podcast channels in one handy location. Their Up Next queue allows listeners to easily find and listen to episodes they have saved in the library plus episodes from shows that they don’t follow.

‌Apple’s CarPlay now offers you the Up Next and Recently Played queues for your convenience in its Listen Now tab, as well as podcast suggestions presented in the Browse section.

5. New Home App Architecture

Apple introduces iOS 16.4 featuring the redesigned Home app architecture.

Following the iOS 16.4 update, an optional Home app upgrade with a new architecture is available. Apple has reported that this major overhaul will significantly enhance the reliability, performance, and efficacy of controlling smart home accessories in your space. 

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