Is Bovada Legal in the U.S. to Play Casino Games?

Is Bovada Legal in the U.S. to Play Casino Games?
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Despite complex betting laws in the U.S., online betting is an extremely popular activity among citizens. Individual states have been granted the autonomy to create their own gambling regulations with some completely outlawing the activity and others legalizing some or all betting markets.

Understanding state regulations regarding online and retail betting facilities will help U.S. citizens from breaking laws but even states that prohibit betting have ways for people to place bets.

Offshore betting operators that are licensed in different jurisdictions provide bettors with a way of accessing a variety of gambling markets. One of the most popular online betting operators in the world that offers some American gamblers a suitable option is Bovada. 

What is Bovada?

Bovada is a dedicated betting site, specializing in poker games that was launched in 2011 by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group’s Alwyn Morris. Bovada is licensed in Curacao and provides players with a safe, high-quality environment to enjoy casino gaming.

The site is known for providing high levels of customer service and is part of a global poker network that ensures players can choose from a wider variety of games.

Bovada’s proprietary software is designed for an easy user experience and makes choosing stake levels and game types straightforward for players.

Anonymity has been one of the key factors to its success over the years, with players able to enjoy games while maintaining their privacy.

Updates to Bovada software took place in 2019, allowing mobile users to enjoy the same selection of games as desktop players.

As well as offering consumers a selection of poker variations, Bovada also hosts regular tournaments, sit and goes, as well as sports betting markets and other casino games.

Bovada’s reputation for providing great customer service and an excellent selection of betting markets has helped cement its reputation as one of the best betting operators on the market.

Where Can Bovada be Accessed Legally?

Offshore betting operators provide an excellent way for American bettors to access their favorite markets. Licensing laws prohibit operators from working from specific states, but those licensed outside the U.S. can allow online access to those living in states with strict betting rules.

Bovada is legal to play in the U.S. and can be accessed by most players. 

While Bovada is not governed by any U.S. regulatory bodies, it has limited access to players in some areas. Sign-ups are not possible for people living in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Nevada, and Delaware.

Despite these limitations, players in these jurisdictions can access alternative offshore betting sites.

Bovada Alternatives

When looking for Bovada alternatives, senior iGaming expert Jack Schiffko explains that game choice, accessibility, and customer support should be top of bettors’ priorities.

Players will have different priorities and preferences with many specialist sites offering a selection of betting markets. Operators that offer traditional casino games are particularly popular due to limitations on online casinos in America. Sports betting markets are also popular, with offshore betting operators offering extensive markets on global and U.S. sports.

Other considerations will include the payment methods accepted by the operator and how secure the site is. Players look for convenient, secure betting sites that offer a good user experience and with so many operators to choose from, exploring comparison sites and reading expert reviews will help.


While Bovada offers great betting options to the majority of U.S. consumers, being able to explore a wider variety of options will help consumers find the best betting options for their unique needs.

Location will always play a big part in what online betting facilities U.S. consumers use, with some states allowing different forms of betting and others being strictly regulated

Bovada’s reputation as one of the best online betting operators for U.S. users is down to its accessibility and customer service. Poker fans in particular might find that the tournaments and partnerships offered by Bovada meet their needs.

Those who can’t access Bovada or want to explore their options will have a great selection of alternatives to choose from, letting them enjoy a selection of betting markets and casino games.

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