Shocking! Love & Marriage: Huntsville Keke Jabbar Passed Away

Shocking! Love & Marriage: Huntsville Keke Jabbar Passed Away

In an extremely tragic event, Keke Jabbar, 42, who earned media prominence with an appearance in Love & Marriage: Huntsville, passed away, on Tuesday, July 2.

The tragic news was announced by social media fame, Marcella, after she confirmed the update from Jabbar’s family. According to Marcella’s YouTube video, Keke Jabbar passed away “peacefully” surrounded by her family; however, the cause of death was not revealed.

Marcella’s social media statement read, “It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Keke. She passed away peacefully at home surrounded by love. She was a mom, a sister, and a great friend full of life, love and laughter. She will be sorely missed and at this time, we are asking for respect and privacy in our moment of grief while we process this great loss. The Jabbar Family and the Scott Family.”

Meanwhile, Keke Jabbar’s cousin and the reality show co-star, Latisha Scott, in an Instagram post, requested privacy for the family amid the tragic news. Scott’s Instagram post read, “At this time we are asking for RESPECT, and PRIVACY in our moment of grief, while we process this great loss! This is hard for our family!!!!!

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Nevertheless, the duo, Keke Jabbar and Latisha Scott had several viral feuds on the set of Love & Marriage: Huntsville. According to the reality show, they shared a sour bond and their tense relationship often caught the attention of cameras in the reality show. In one of the recent episodes, their fight tensed so much that Jabbar ended up throwing a drink at Scott’s face.

Meanwhile, in the same reality show, Jabbar faced accusations of intoxicating herself with powerful drugs and using someone else’s urine to pass the drug taste.

However, the reality show fame firmly denied the allegations saying, “I’ve never taken any kind of hard drug. I’ve never taken anything, heroin, cocaine, crack… I’ve never taken anything like that.”

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