Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Finale Reminds Us Of ‘Seinfeld’

Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Finale Reminds Us Of ‘Seinfeld’
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Finally, Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm ended on April 7, 2024. The Emmy-winning series aired for 12 seasons over the last 24 years.

Moreover, the series’ final episode was quite nostalgic for the viewers. The last season started with Larry David getting arrested for breaching a new Georgia state law. Interestingly, David gave Leon Black’s (JB Smoove) Auntie Rae (played by Ellia English) a glass of water while she was waiting in line at the polling station to vote. Although Larry was unaware of the controversial law, he received praise from the liberals and became a hero to them.

This final season seemed to mirror the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, which was co-created by David and Jerry Seinfeld. The sitcom ended in 1998 with the protagonist’s imprisonment, while the 12th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which first went on air in 2000, ended with David walking free after his arrest.

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Like Seinfeld, Larry is put on trial in the series finale; with numerous indirect references to the Seinfeld finale, the 76-year-old comedian created a plausible way to end the series.

The last episode, ‘No Lessons Learned,’ featured many notable characters from Seinfeld. David was found guilty of breaching the election law, but Jerry saved him by highlighting that one of the jurors was spotted outside during the sequestering period, which requires the jury to stay in isolation. Therefore, the case led to a mistrial.

It was even funnier when both Larry David and Jerry discussed that it could be the potential ending for Seinfeld, and it should not have wrapped up the way it did.

As they walk out of the cell, they discuss the possible scenarios for Seinfeld.

Larry says

Oh my God, this is how we should’ve ended the finale,

To this, Jerry replies,

Oh my God you’re right, how did we not think of that?

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