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Litter Robot 4 Review: Would You Pay $699 for this Automated Litter Box?

Litter Robot 4 Review: Would You Pay $699 for this Automated Litter Box?

Is it worth $699 to get out of scooping up after your furry friend?

Introducing the Litter Robot 4, Whisker’s latest automated litter box. This small and sleek device resembles a spaceship that automatically rotates once your cat relieves itself. Waste is then separated into its storage bin, while clean litter remains behind. Imagine no longer having to scoop a pile of waste in the morning or several times per day for households with multiple cats. With Litter Robot 4, all you need to do is replace its bin bag liner every week.

Despite the hefty $699 price tag, which makes it inaccessible to many cat owners, I decided to give the Litter Robot 4 a try. However, I encountered some minor issues while setting up and operating this “smart” device. such as sifting difficulty, faulty sensors, and litter on my floors. But, it ultimately made life easier for me by decreasing my daily dealing with poopy surprises. 

Several people I know loved the Litter Robot 3, and it was well-received despite being both bulky externally and too small for felines. The Litter Robot 4 has made improvements to its predecessor in terms of design (it’s a bit narrower so will fit better into limited spaces) as well as an increased opening that can accommodate larger cats.

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Not only is Whisker’s Robot connected to Wi-Fi, but also comes with its own app where you can conveniently check and monitor litter and waste levels. Its integrated weight sensors allow tracking of how often your cats use the Robot. Its additional personalized monitoring will be available later this year; thus allowing you to detect if any cat needs more or fewer trips to the litter box.

The Litter Robot 4 was surprisingly easy to set up. The only hiccup I ran into was some software issues. Just take out this 24-pound egg-shaped robot from its box, pour clumping litter inside the main compartment, and place an included bag in its waste bin. Its entire structure is made of plastic which makes it lightweight and effortlessly maneuverable. Its rubberized inner lining ensures that it withstands wear & tear with ease and facilitates effortless cleaning.

After I powered up the Litter Robot, my biggest concern with any new tech device appeared: Connectivity issues. It wouldn’t self-clean if it wasn’t linked to its application. After much frustration and several hours of troubleshooting, I discovered that Whisker had a systemwide problem that would need some time for the business to repair. A few days later they provided me with a resolution!

I guess it comes with the territory when dealing with high-tech gadgets. To have to personally clean a $699 litter box felt entirely ridiculous and immensely annoying at the same time.

For those who are exhausted of scooping litter, the Litter Robot 4 may be worth investing in. While it’s not a miracle worker and there is still some maintenance that must be done, this robot does provide a level of convenience as you get closer to having the perfect self-cleaning litter box. It might take some time before we reach our dream goal, but for now, the Litter Robot 4 is your best bet.

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