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‘Loot’ Review: Maya Rudolph At Her Best In This Timeless Comedy

‘Loot’ Review: Maya Rudolph At Her Best In This Timeless Comedy

Who else to target for a title of a clueless billionaire other than Maya Rudolph, isn’t that right? Money can buy you everything but a reason to give you reasons for getting out of your bed. In Loot, this fact is only reflected. This is a new comedy show about a woman, Molly Novak ( Maya Rodolph ) whose husband (Adam Scott) left her with 87 million dollars after cheating on her.

Loot gives you a wonderful experience and has some sharp one-liners and a cast of very high quality to amuse you. However, this show is a bit disappointing as it has repetitive plot dynamics and the tone is quite confusing.

Being honest a whole lot of Loot’s charm comes from the lead actor, Rudolph. Her joyous and fun-filled performance will never stop the audience to fall in love with her character. Although in Loot, her role is quite tricky. The approach of the show towards wealth is a little problematic and confusing. It seems they aren’t able to decide if they want to show it as a glossy wish fulfillment or a sad wake-up call about income inequality.

The show tries to show both and this made it very awkward. No Money Can’t buy you Pleasure, but Ooh! Look, Molly has a perfect private jet.

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Loot TV cast

The cast includes many fun-filled actors. Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas, Molly’s impatient assistant has got himself many great punchlines. Ron Funches as Howard is molly’s distant relative. He also brings a lot of humor to the table. Nat Faxon as Arthus, the divorced accountant is there to develop a cute romance for Molly and gives us all the Toby from ‘The Office’ vibes. Michaela Jae Rodriguez as Sofia, the ideal director of the foundation also shows off her skills in comedy in the show.

‘Loot’ Review: Maya Rudolph At Her Best In This Timeless Comedy

Loot TV Plot

Molly Novak catches her husband cheating on her and got 87 billion dollars as a consolation prize after her divorce. But, now she is not able to figure herself out. She is all aimless and lonely, right when she receives a call from a charity foundation that was in her name. So, now she decided to clean up her past acts and use her money for something good. The story revolves around her entire approach to this cause. She doesn’t even know how the lives are of the non-billionaires and much of the humor is created is here itself.

Loot TV review

Everything is cool about Loot, except one thing. For a show showing a group of people at a charity foundation, the show devoted the least time or almost no time to showing how the foundation helped the people or the challenges faced by them. Gradually, Molly realizes that there are more important things to do other than going on a dinner date to Montreal.

All in all the cast makes Loot very fun to watch. So, yaa you can give it a try and watch the comedy show.