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Tony Hawk Is Worth $140 Million: Once He Lived Off $5-a-Day Taco Bell Allowance

Tony Hawk Is Worth $140 Million: Once He Lived Off $5-a-Day Taco Bell Allowance

The American professional skateboarder and business owner Tony Hawk have a net worth of tens of millions. He is one of the highest-earning professional skateboarders so far. Not only this, but his passive income is also in the millions. So to know, How much is Tony Hawk’s net worth and salary, keep reading further.

Tony Hawk’s Early Life

Anthony Frank Hawk, popularly known as Tony Hawk was born on 12th May 1968 in California. He started skateboarding at a very early age of 8 years. His parents supported him and his mother used to describe him as ‘quite tough on himself’.He had a brilliant IQ of 144. Hawk went on to attend Jean Middle School and has also won the National Skateboard Association World Championship. No wonder why you want to know what Tony Hawk’s net worth is.

 At the age of 12, this gifted skateboarder received his first sponsor from Dogtown Skateboards. And right after that, at the age of 14, Tony turned into a professional player and signed with the professional team Powell Peralta. With his hard work and dedication, this little champ was considered one of the best skateboarders when he was just 16. He also won 10 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 bronze at the X Games. His success seemed to coincide with the gaining popularity of Skateboarding. So, he went around the entire world to do skate demos, hence promoting the sport and also competing against teams.

Hawk invented the frontside 540-rodeo flip and ollie-to-Indy trick. He also became the first skater to perform a ‘900’ trick. From the start of his career only, he started making appearances on the TV. In the year 2002, he started a sports venture titled Boom Boom HuckJam. Also, he made many parks for public skateboarding under his Tony Hawk Foundation. Not only this, he became the first skater to get permission for skateboarding on the floor of the White House. And in 2011, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine gave him the title of the 2nd most influential skateboarder in the whole world.

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Tony hawk’s Net Worth

The net worth of Tony Hawk as of now is 140 million dollars. His net worth must not surprise you at all looking at the wide range of products bearing his name. He started Birdhouse, a skateboarding company of his own, and Bitz, which was a company that distributed products used in skateboarding. He also started Hawk Clothing to sell skating clothes for young skaters.

In 1998, he also signed the deal for Tony Hawk Pro Skater, the series of video games. To date, the series has released 18 titles and has made a whopping sum of 1.4 billion dollars. Tony Hawk’s worth in 2022 is due to many reasons. His appearance in many television shows and movies such as The Simpsons, XXX, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, The Masked Singer, and The entire Jackass: The Movie franchise is one of the few reasons.

Tony Hawk Is Worth $140 Million: Once He Lived Off $5-a-Day Taco Bell Allowance

He has also earned a lot from his endorsement deals with Nixon, Birdhouse, Vans, Liquid Death, and a Skateboarding Shoe brand, Proto. He was a shareholder in various firms as well, such as Nest, DocuSign, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Tony Hawk’s assets include a Ford Mustang, a Yukon LFA, a Grand Cherokee Jeep SRT8, a Tesla Model, and a Chevy Corvette Sting Ray from the year 1964. This 54-year skateboarder, actor, and entrepreneur, Tony Hawk’s salary is 30 million dollars per year.

His majority of money comes from the tournament wins, his vast range of investments, endorsements, and some of his business ventures. Also, his fame and TV appearance bring in a lot of money to the house. Although he is one of the richest skateboarders, once he was so short on money that he used to live eating a 5 dollars Taco Bell a day.

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Personal Life

Tony Hawk married Cindy Dunbar in the year 1990 after dating her since high school. The couple together has a son, Riley Hawk. He is also a brilliant skateboarder and is now sponsored by Baker Skateboards and Lakai Limited Footwears. But soon, they got divorced in 1994. Then again Hawk married Erin Lee but that also did not work out and they got divorced. They together had 2 boys, Keegan and Spencer. Next, he married Lhotse Merriam and they have a daughter together named Kadence Clover Hawk. But this also failed and they ended the marriage.

After all the failed marriages, he got married to Cathy Goodman on 27th June 2015. Now, the family lives in Encinitas situated in California.

Tony Hawk is always a contributor and loves giving back to the people. Earlier we discussed The Tony Hawk Foundation. So, this foundation was created in the year 2002 by Hawk to fight the lack of legal and safe parks for Skateboarding in the United States. This foundation managed to contribute to a little more than 596 Projects for Skateparks all across the country and has also got the Robert Wood Johnson Sports award.

All in all He was a genius and Tony Hawk’s net worth in 2022 is not at all questionable as he gained it with all his passion and dedication towards his work.