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Meet Laura Goldin, Daughter of Ken Goldin, and Humorous Cast of Netflix’s King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch

Meet Laura Goldin, Daughter of Ken Goldin, and Humorous Cast of Netflix’s King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch
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Laura Goldin is an American woman who is the daughter of Goldin’s CEO Ken Goldin. Meanwhile, she came into the limelight when she appeared in the Netflix original ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

Early Life, Family, and Education

The eldest daughter, Laura Goldin was born in 2000 to an affluent family in the United States. Her father, Ken Goldin, is an entrepreneur and CEO of the Goldin group, while her biological mother, Jennifer Goldin, is a licensed Hospice worker.

When Laura’s father entered into a marriage with Jen Goldin, who shares the same name as his ex-wife, she was still a kid. Meanwhile, Laura has two step-siblings, Paul and Carleigh Goldin. Additionally, Laura shares a good bond with her extended family.

Meanwhile, she completed her high school at Eastern Region High School, New Jersey. Later, Laura Goldin pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences.


  • Although Laura Goldin belongs to a wealthy family in the United States, she used to take multiple part-time jobs during her teenage days.
  • In 2018, Goldin worked in a nail spa as a receptionist. Meanwhile, in her job, she used to take calls and schedule appointments for customers.
  • Initially, she also worked as a Customer Service Associate at her father’s company, Goldin. Additionally, according to Laura’s LinkedIn, her role at the company was to answer incoming calls from current bidders to assist with auction-related questions. Acquired information from new consignors regarding possible incoming inventory for future auctions. Researched estimated value of all incoming consignment, provided management with a weekly report on each consignment director’s incoming revenue projections specific to individual auctions.
  • Currently, Laura Goldin is working as a media planner at Merkley + Partners.

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The OTT Debut

  • In 2023, Goldin made her digital debut with Netflix’s reality show King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.
  • Besides, Laura Goldin is one of the few members to feature in the auction-based reality show, King of Collectibles, The Goldin Touch.

Do you know these lesser-known facts about Laura Goldin?

  • Laura was a kid when her parents separated. Additionally, she has a biological sister, Lindsey Goldin. Born in 1996, Lindsey is a content acquisition in a US-based firm.
  • Although Laura was separated from her mother, Jennifer, long before, the two share a good bond. Additionally, in February 2022, Jennifer Goldin was seen with her mother attending her college “Bring your mother to tailgate day.”
  • Laura Goldin’s humorous character in the Netflix original King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch is liked by the audience. Meanwhile, she is often seen cracking jokes with her dad on the show.
  • Before venturing into the media planning job, Laura interned in several organisations. 
  • In her leisure time, she likes travelling.
  • Laura Goldin is a dog lover and has a pet dog named Floppy. Unfortunately, Floppy passed away in 2016.
  • As of 2023, she has more than 27k followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, Laura Goldin Instagram mainly comprises her posts related to travel, friends, and family.

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