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Meta Introduces Cartoon Avatars for Video Calling: A Breath of Fresh Air for Users

Meta Introduces Cartoon Avatars for Video Calling: A Breath of Fresh Air for Users
Image: Meta

The truth is that not many people actually enjoy video calls. There is the pressure of maintaining a presentable appearance combined with the awkwardness of staring at your own face on the screen. Video calls can be a stressful experience. Meta has come to our rescue bringing a toolset that lets us use cartoon avatars for video calling. 

Between audio calls and video calls, Meta presents this as a “third option.” With this feature, you can join a call with your animated avatar. No more last minute combing your hair, or organizing the visible part of your apartment, or worrying about the shirt you’re sporting. The avatar feature is now available for Messenger and Instagram users. 

Meta’s avatar creation feature has seen a lot of engagement and the company has focused on making it better. They recently announced that users have created over a billion of these avatars.

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The company has promised to enable more realistic and textured animations in the future. The best part is, there is no hard and fast rule that your avatar should look like you. You can get creative with what you want to be seen as.

This feature is a good one considering how it frees people from their physical appearance. They can communicate with the world without worrying about their appearance. Of course, there will be instances where you’d need to get back to the old fashioned video calling, but having those option seems very empowering for people across the board. 

This avatar creation tool set is a great stride in the world of augmented reality. The way it helps you fuse your personality with your creativity is neat. Let us know what you think about this feature. 

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