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Ultraman, the beloved Japanese superhero franchise, is making its way to Netflix in 2024

Ultraman, the beloved Japanese superhero franchise, is making its way to Netflix in 2024
Image: Netflix

Building upon the success of the Ultraman anime series, which has been exclusively available on Netflix since 2019, this upcoming film is generating considerable excitement among fans. Here’s everything we know about the project and its current stage of development.

Variety initially broke the news about the animated feature film in May 2021, accompanied by a first look at the upcoming movie. Netflix has been committed to expanding the Ultraman universe, and this movie is another significant addition to its roster.

The official Netflix synopsis provides a glimpse into what viewers can anticipate from the film:

Ultraman follows the story of Ken Sato, a baseball superstar who returns to Japan to assume the role of Earth’s defender as the superhero Ultraman. However, he unexpectedly finds himself tasked with raising the offspring of his greatest adversary. As Ken embarks on a heroic journey, he must navigate the challenges of parenthood, mend his relationship with his estranged father, and confront the relentless Kaiju Defense Force, all while transcending his own ego and discovering the true meaning of being Ultraman.

During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter in July 2023, director Shannon Tindle shared some key insights about the movie:

– The film will feature Easter eggs for longtime fans of the Ultraman franchise, but the primary goal is to create an experience that resonates with everyone.

– The inspiration for the movie draws from various sources, including manga, Tohoscope films, Godzilla, the film Moneyball, and Tindle’s talented team.

– Parenthood will be a central theme, exploring the complex and sometimes messy relationships between parents and children.

– Tindle hinted at the possibility of a sequel, expressing that he has more ideas to explore in the Ultraman universe.

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In terms of production, Netflix’s internal animation division is collaborating with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in partnership with Tsuburaya Productions. Established in 1975, ILM is renowned for its work on blockbuster movies such as Star Wars and Marvel projects. The company has previously collaborated with Netflix on projects like the limited series Lost Ollie and The Sandman.

Tsuburaya Productions, with a history dating back to the mid-1960s, has been dedicated to the Ultraman IP for decades. They have produced over 40 TV series and films, spanning both live-action and animated formats, within the expansive Ultraman universe.

As Netflix continues to expand its animated offerings, the Ultraman movie holds great promise for both fans of the franchise and viewers seeking captivating superhero adventures. With a talented team of creators and the backing of renowned studios, the stage is set for Ultraman to soar to new heights on the streaming platform in 2024.


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