Miracle Watts: How She Conquered Social Media and Became a Beauty Boss

Miracle Watts: How She Conquered Social Media and Became a Beauty Boss

Miracle Watts is a Texas-born model, actress, and entrepreneur who has captivated over 2 million fans with her stunning beauty, witty captions, and business acumen. But her path to Instagram stardom was far from easy.

The Rise of Miracle Watts From Stripper to Instagram Queen

Before becoming an Instagram sensation, Watts was a hard-working stripper in Houston, Texas. However, she had a secret weapon – her incredible beauty and seductive aura that captivated everyone around her. After she caught the attention of the world-famous rapper Drake, who mentioned her in his hit song “2 On/Thotful,” her career skyrocketed, and she became an instant Instagram star.

Miracle Watt’s Entrepreneurial Success and Hustle

Born in Houston, Texas, Miracle Watts grew up in a working-class family and had to fend for herself from a young age. She started working as a stripper in her early 20s to make ends meet, but she always had bigger dreams.

The shoutout from one of the biggest names in hip-hop put her on the map and opened up doors for her in the entertainment industry.

Watts didn’t rest on her laurels after reaching Instagram stardom. She quickly turned her popularity into a successful business venture with her beauty line, “The Miracle Lash.” Yes, that’s the name of the brand launched by Miracle Watts. 

Her brand features luxurious, long-lasting 3D mink eyelashes at affordable prices that have become a hit among her fans. In addition to her booming beauty line, Watts also collaborates with clothing brands and promotes various products on her Instagram page.

Miracle Watts Love Life and Relationships

Miracle Watts has made headlines in the past for her high-profile relationships. She was rumored to be dating August Alsina and Rich the Kid for a brief period of time. However, her most significant relationship is with actor Tyler Lepley. The couple first met on the set of P-Valley and began dating shortly thereafter.

Recently, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Xi Lei Lepley. The new addition to their family arrived just a few weeks ago, and both Miracle and Tyler have been sharing adorable pictures and videos of their little one on social media.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple has been going strong and is often seen showing off their love and affection for each other on their respective social media accounts.

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Miracle Watts Accident: Recent Controversy and False Reports

Miracle Watts has recently been in the news, but not for the right reasons. When a tragic car crash on Slauson Ave. and La Brea Ave. went viral, initial reports suggested that she and fellow influencer Kayla Nicole Jones were victims of the crash. However, both ladies refuted the claims on social media, clarifying that they were not involved in the accident. Although the incident was an honest mistake, Watts removed her initial Instagram story about the incident.


Despite the recent mishap, Miracle Watts remains one of Instagram’s biggest sensations and a savvy entrepreneur. Her stunning beauty and business savvy have taken her far, and her future looks brighter than ever. As she continues to grow her brand and inspire her fans, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Texas beauty.

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