Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2024

Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Lebanon is known for its tourism, diverse culture, and beautiful women who are renowned for their exceptional beauty and personalities. These Lebanese women are not any less stunning than women from other parts of the world, and they belong to various professions. In this article, we will explore a list of the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Lebanese women in 2024. 

The list includes women from different professions and backgrounds who have made their mark with their talent, beauty, and charm. From actresses to models, these women are admired for their stunning looks and personalities. So, let’s take a look at these beautiful Lebanese women and appreciate their beauty and achievements.

Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women 

10. Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Nancy Ajram is a well-known Lebanese singer, TV judge, and successful businesswoman. She started her career at just 15 years old with her debut album, which went on to sell millions of records worldwide. She has achieved numerous accolades and accomplishments throughout her career. Nancy is credited with reviving Arab pop music in the 21st century, and her collaboration with Jiji Lamara on the controversial hit songs “Akhasmak Ah” and “Ya Salam” propelled her to stardom. Nancy’s stunning Arab beauty, with her pout, ice-blue eyes, and sultry looks, has made her an iconic beauty of Lebanon, leaving people in awe.

9. Aline Watfa

Aline Watfa Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

A former beauty queen and beloved TV personality was appointed as Maybelline New York’s first Middle East Brand Ambassador in 2014. Aline is one of the hottest Lebanese women of all time. Her vast experience and fashion expertise earned her this great opportunity. Based in Lebanon, she is a fashion model, broadcaster, and TV presenter, and her cutting-edge fashion program on MBC 1 is the most-watched show. She started her journey in TV with LBC’s popular show, Hawakom, and has continued to excel in her career.

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8. Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Nadine, who won the Miss Lebanon title in 2004, became an actress afterwards. She represented her country in Miss World 2004 and Miss Universe 2005 and is now considered one of the hottest Lebanese women of all time.

As an actress, she frequently appeared on television in several noteworthy roles. These include her work in popular television series such as Five Thirty, Tomb Raider, and Samra, as well as in Ajyal, Nos Youm, Al Hayba, Tareeq, and 2020.

7. Lamitta Frangieh

Lamitta Frangieh Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

This beauty queen of Lebanon is a Lebanese woman who has worked as a beauty contestant, broadcaster, model, socialite, and actress. She began modeling in Lebanon at the age of 13, and her height of 5 feet 8 inches helped her succeed in the industry. 

Frangieh gained recognition after working with designer Robert Abi Nader in Paris, a renowned fashion capital. She was also passionate about promoting tourism in Lebanon through her show, “Shou fi bi Libnan.” Lamitta has also acted in several Egyptian films, including “Had Same’e Haga,” “Mohtaram Ella Rob,” “365 Days of Happiness,” and “Omar w Salma.” She has also appeared in Lebanese movie series such as “3asser el Harim.”

6. Rola Saad

Rola Saad Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Rola Saad was a celebrity pop singer, actress, and model in Lebanon during the 2000s. She started her career in showbiz by modeling for two well-known perfume brands, Habibi and Dallou’a. At the same time, she also acted in music videos for songs like “Etzakkarak” and “Hayyarouni.” Later, she got her big break as a singer with the Alam al Phan label.

Saad’s most famous song is a cover of Sabah’s classic “Yana Yana,” which was a chart-topping hit.

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5. Dana Halabi

Dana Halabi Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Dana Halabi is a pop singer and actress who gained instant fame with hit tracks like “Ana Dana,” “Inta Meen,” and “Bos Alaya.” She also appeared in movies such as “Yanoosak” and “Bel-Ghat” and won titles like Miss Magic Eyes 2003 and Miss Oriental Dance 2004. Her latest song, “Ta Moot,” is very popular in Lebanon. Halabi is considered one of the most beautiful women in Lebanon and is currently on the World Music Singers list. Some of her popular songs include “A Dirty Humor,” “Al-Journey Rose,” “Halabo,” and “Las 3A.”

4. Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Annabella is a multi-talented woman who is recognized as one of the most popular Lebanese women. Hilal started her career as a beauty pageant contestant, participating in national and international competitions. She gained further popularity as the host of the highly-rated talent show Arab Idol.

Annabella began her journey as a television anchor and presenter on the shows Mission Fashion and Helwe with Murra. In addition to her successful career in entertainment, she has also delivered thoughtful lectures on human rights on various occasions. 

3. Jessica Kahawaty

Jessica Kahawaty Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

The talented Australian-Lebanese supermodel, who has captivating brown eyes, was crowned Miss Australia in 2012. She also participated in the Miss Lebanon beauty pageant of the same year and was the third runner-up. Along with her successful modeling career, she is also recognized as a television host, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Currently, she is considered one of the super-hot women in Lebanon

Kahawaty has a particular fondness for green lenses and can often be seen wearing them. She studied law and business in Sydney and has been featured in commercials and promotional ads for Maybelline and Lexus cars. Additionally, she has graced the pages of leading magazines worldwide, making her a well-known face in the industry.

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2. Perla Helou

Perla Helou Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Perla Helou is a tall, 9-foot-long Miss Lebanon 2017 who advocates for women’s empowerment. She is one of the most talented Lebanese women of all time. She received applause from audiences and juries when she represented Lebanon in the Miss World beauty pageant.

With her popularity and success, Helou’s net worth has increased, and she is now among the most talented and hottest celebrities in Lebanon, with a fanbase that extends worldwide. Her modeling career is thriving, and she has amassed 4.8 million followers on Instagram (as of 2024) thanks to her charming looks and personality, making her one of the most famous pageant contestants of all time.

1. Sandy Tabet

Sandy Tabet Most Beautiful & Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

Considered one of the sexiest Lebanese women, Sandy Tabet, a young Lebanese woman, won the Miss Lebanon title in 2016, surpassing 14 other contestants. She impressed the judges with her insightful and generous answers. Tabet’s concern for the damaged drainage system in her country demonstrated her forward-thinking approach, making her a crowd favorite.

During the beauty pageant, she remained committed to her promises and raised funds for the Autism Awareness Association. Additionally, she has launched her jewelry brand, Sandy Tabet Jewellery.

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