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Money Heist Season 6: All You Need To Know About Release Dates

Money Heist Season 6: All You Need To Know About Release Dates

Season 6 of Money Heist will premiere on Netflix in December 2021. Bringing the series’ run to a close (Part 5 Volume 2). We’ve seen five fantastic seasons of Money Heist, and we’ll be talking about what to expect from the final instalment. It will also depend on previews, clips, and the Netflix release date.

Editor’s Note: Netflix refers to the final part as part 5 volume 2, but most people we’ve spoken to refer to the final season as season 6, so we’ll refer to it as such below.

The Spanish phenomenon has been one of the most divisive events of the last five years, overcoming language barriers and engaging tens of millions of non-Spanish speakers worldwide. While we wait for viewing data for part 5, we do know that part 4 helped Money Heist become the most-watched non-English title of all time, with over 65 million homes tuning in inside the first month.

We can’t wait to see what the last instalment of Money Heist has in store for us after such a long journey full of twists and turns.

When will Money Heist Season 6 be available on Netflix?

On Friday, December 3rd, 2021, Netflix will release the final installment of Money Heist. Money Heist season 6 (Part 5 Volume 2) has already given us two first glimpses.

We got our first glimpse at the last instalment of Money Heist during the Netflix TUDUM event.

Money Heist: Part 5 | Volume 2 Teaser | Netflix:

What can we expect from Season 6 of Money Heist?

There’s a lot to look forward to in the last instalment of Money Heist. As you may expect, there are a lot of spoilers below, so proceed with caution!

Will Alicia turn over the Professor to the cops?

Alicia, like the rest of the heist gang, is now one of Spain’s, Europe’s and possibly the world’s most wanted women. The very pregnant Alicia gave birth after confronting the Professor and knocking out Marseille and Benjamin.

Alicia was last seen taking a pair of players from the bathroom and hiding them inside her sleeve. This suggests Alicia isn’t completely on the Professor’s side yet. And there’s still a chance she’ll be the spark for the heist’s demise, or at the very least the Professor’s demise.

The reason for Alicia’s betrayal of the Professor is self-evident. The last thing she wants to do is spend the rest of her life. It is fleeing the cops while attempting to raise her child. Colonel Tamayo’s good graces may be restored if she surrenders the Professor to the cops.

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