Tips For Sellers To Prevent Fraud While Selling At PriceCharting


Collecting a world-class video game collection isn’t as straightforward as collecting books or comic books. It’s more comparable to collecting specific film editions because of many films’ distribution techniques and limited runs. Even if you know what you want, obtaining it at a reasonable price might be difficult. Of course, if you’re selling a collection, you want to receive the best price possible. Hence, it is crucial to have a functional grasp of PriceCharting. Knowing how the market fluctuates allows you to communicate with authority.

What Is PriceCharting?

PriceCharting is a video game pricing database that keeps track of historical and current prices for over 26,000 titles across several systems. Pricing comparisons from different retailers, price charts for each item indicating price changes over time, downloadable game prices with a customized Game Price Guide service, and a video game news and price analysis blog are all available on the site. Users can use the PriceCharting API to retrieve data they’ve purchased as part of a bespoke pricing guide.

The PriceCharting website has over 45,000 video games, consoles, and accessories with current and historical pricing. From the first Nintendo to the Xbox One, you can see daily updated pricing on nearly each video game published on a central system. They update their rates every day from various sources on the internet, so the seller can be confident that the information is current and reliable. JJ Hendricks and Michael Hendricks, two brothers, founded PriceCharting. JJ was gathering price information for an online video game company he owned. Other game merchants and collectors, the brothers reasoned, would benefit from the information. PriceCharting, the first video game price guide available to the public, was established in 2007.

They cost around 8,000 games at launch and are only in loose condition. PriceCharting has grown to include 45,000 video games on all central systems since then. They’ve added support for all of the world’s regions. Prices for Complete in Box, Graded, New, Box Only, and Manual Only have been added. They’ve added seven languages and seven currencies to the mix. They’ve also introduced many new tools, like the eBay Deal Scanner, eBay Lot Bot, and Collection Tracker.

PriceCharting’s Strengths

  • There are thousands of video games to choose from, and more are being introduced all the time.
  • Price comparisons from a variety of retailers.
  • Charts for each item depict the evolution of video games throughout time.
  • Every video game’s sales history, in every condition.
  • Download pricing using a video game price guide that you can customize.
  • Create an account to personalize the site.
  • Video game collection tracker.
  • To rapidly value numerous video games, use the Lot Calculator.
  • eBay Lot Bot is a program that automatically evaluates video game auctions on eBay.
  • The eBay Deal Scanner detects video game listings about to expire at a lower price than they are worth.

Tips For Sellers On How To Complete Transactions Successfully

Here are some ideas for sellers on how to effectively complete deals and improve their reputation scores.

Always Include A Tracking Number With Your Shipment

Always include a tracking number with your shipment for PriceCharting. When sending items, UPS, USPS, and FedEx all give free tracking numbers.

Ship Items With Some Padding

A padded envelope will be used to transport the vast majority of products safely and securely. Use a box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap if you’re sending a delicate item, such as a cardboard video game box.

Communicate With The Purchaser

When you mail the goods, notify the customer. Notify them as well if there is a delay. You can avoid the majority of issues with good communication.

Resolve Any Issues

If an order has an issue, work with the buyer to resolve it. If you solve a problem, the majority of consumers will provide good feedback. Ignoring a problem is the quickest way to get a negative reputation.

Steps That Sellers Can Take To Help Prevent Fraud

Below are some precautions to take to prevent being a victim of identity theft at PriceCharting.

1. Examine The Buyer’s Feedback

New users are significantly more risky than buyers with a long account history and a lot of feedback. If a buyer has made successful payments in the past, they are likely to do so again.

2. Be Cautious With High-Priced Items

The riskier a transaction is, the higher the transaction value. If you’re selling anything expensive ($50 or more), proceed with care.

3. Confirm Payment Passed “CVC Check”

“CVC Check” indicates if the buyer used the correct three-digit code on the back of their credit card. Anything other than “passed” poses a greater risk.

4. Confirm Payment Passed “Zip Check”

“Zip Check” implies that the buyer’s billing zip code matches the payment card’s zip code on file. Anything other than “passed” poses a greater risk.

5. Configure Your Payment Options

PayPal allows you to adjust your settings so that specific types of payments are automatically accepted or declined.

6. Be Wary Of Shipping Changes After You’ve Paid

Buyers who demand that you ship the goods faster or even pay for overnight delivery put you in greater danger. Buyers that ask you to modify the mailing address are in the same boat.

7. If You’re Unsure, Return The Money

If you don’t want to take on the danger of sending an item, don’t. Refund the money as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is PriceCharting’s pricing determined?

They keep track of video games that are sold on eBay and through their Marketplace. They aggregate these sold postings into one value for each video game and condition using their technology.

2. How can PriceCharting ensure that the sales data is accurate?

They’ve implemented several techniques to exclude video game sales that one should not include in the sales data. Their sales statistics or price calculations will not include reproductions, imports, video game lots, and other similar items.

3. Is there a PriceCharting app?

Yes, PriceCharting has a mobile app. It’s a web application that you can install on any device.

4. In what currencies are the prices expressed?

By default, the prices are expressed in US dollars (USD); however, every page has a currency switch in the upper right corner.

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