Noglins in ARK: Survival Evolved — How to Tame, Traits, and Uses

Noglins in ARK: Survival Evolved — How to Tame, Traits, and Uses

ARK: Survival Evolved players might be familiar with Noglins, the unique fantasy creatures that possess extraordinary abilities. They can control the minds of other creatures and extract energy from their willpower. Noggin Goblins are not based on any real animals, but rather a reference to parasitic creatures found in science fiction media. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Noglins, including how to tame them, their potential issues, and their best roles in the game.

How to Tame a Noglin

To tame a Noglin in ARK: Survival Evolved, players must provide what they crave: fresh and living creature minds. However, Noglins cannot be tamed by feeding them normal food. Instead, players must use passive methods, which involve a lot of non-lethal sacrifices.

Potential Issues with Taming Noglins

Taming a Noglin might not always be a smooth process due to the unpredictable nature of their mind-controlling ability. Their choice of targets seems to be based on proximity rather than the type of animal, making it challenging to lure them toward the player’s sacrifice. Moreover, the duration of the mind control is highly variable, leading to a less refined taming process.

While Noglins do not show a preference for any particular host species, they are more easily tamed when fed unbred creatures rather than creatures that the player has bred from tamed animals. It’s crucial to choose animals with high health and low damage output as sacrifices because mind-controlling saps some of their HP. Animals being mind-controlled can also attack the player, which can be dangerous for smaller animals.

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Tips for Taming Noglins Easier

To make the taming process easier, players should build a large enclosure of walls with a gate around the location where they find a wild Noglin. This will prevent unexpected wild creatures from interfering and prevent the Noglin from escaping if spooked. Once the enclosure is set up, players should bring high-HP and low-damage animals to feed the Noglin in peace. Although issues can still occur, isolating the Noglin can make them easier to manage.

Noglins in ARK: Survival Evolved — How to Tame, Traits, and Uses

Best Roles for a Noglin

  • Sabotage: Noglins can take control of other players, making them a viable sabotage method. Players can use a tamed Noglin to mentally disable a human target before messing with their base and belongings.
  • Distraction: Noglins are small, making them extremely challenging to hit with gunfire. Players can unleash them to distract foes before flanking the enemy with more powerful tamed creatures.
  • Ambush: In an unconventional assault method, players can use a Noglin to mind-control a wild creature before sending it on a rampage through enemy territory.
  • Instant-Kill Assassin: Removing a Noglin prematurely from a wild creature that is being mind-controlled will deal a tremendous amount of damage to the creature (about 10 million damage). Players can use this method to take out almost anything except bosses, mission creatures, corrupted creatures, titans, and unmountable creatures immune to the Noglin’s mind control.

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Final Thoughts

Noglins are fascinating creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved, possessing unique abilities that make them creepy and cute. While taming them might not always be a straightforward process, isolating them and using the right sacrifices can make it easier. Moreover, players can use Noglins in different roles, including sabotage, distraction, ambush, and instant-kill assassin. Understanding the traits and potential uses of Noglins can provide an edge in the game and make the experience more enjoyable.


How to tame a Noglin in Ark?

Follow the steps in order to tame a Noglin:

  • Head to the Rockwell Zone.
  • Create a safe area.
  • Trap the Noglin.
  • Construct a containment unit.

Where to find Noglin Ark?

The Noglin can be found in the Rockwell Zone, which is the more perilous side of the map and not the ideal location for building an ultimate base. However, locating a Noglin can be challenging as they only spawn in a few specific areas and are rare find. It may take some time before you come across one, so be prepared for a lengthy search.

How many Tames does it take to tame a Noglin?

Each creature that the Noglin latches onto will tame up to 20%, requiring the completion of five mind controls in total.

What Dinos are best to tame Noglins with?

If you are not seeking 100% taming effectiveness, you should have the Carbonemys mind-controlled.

What do you feed a tamed Noglin?

Players can only tame Noglins by offering them what they truly desire: the fresh and delicious minds of living creatures.

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