One Piece: Why Ope Ope no Mi is The Ultimate Devil Fruit

One Piece: Why Ope Ope no Mi is The Ultimate Devil Fruit

Devil fruits are coveted treasures that provide magnificent powers. Each fruit showcases a distinct skill. They can turn the meekest of individuals into one of the most powerful forces in existence. These coveted power sources can be split into three distinctive categories, paramecia, logia, and zoan.

Of the three devil fruit types, Logia is thought to be the rarest and paramecia, the most abundant. Now that there are so many paramecia-type fruits in One Piece, several of them appear regular and lack offensive capabilities. Still, some possess tremendous potential for destruction such as Gura Gura no Mi, Mochi Mochi no Mi, or Ope Ope no Mi. Ope Ope no Mi has ignited much debate about its power versus other devil fruits throughout One Piece’s chapters.

Ope Ope no Mi Power Heals Anything

Trafalgar Law was inflicted with a terminal illness called the deadly Amber Lead Syndrome when he was young. Corazon, Law’s adoptive father, refused to give up hope and pulled out all the stops to save him. He looked for help from countless hospitals across the world, only for them to be unsuccessful. In one last desperate attempt at saving his son, Corazon used his abilities to steal Diez Barrels’ Ope Ope no Mi fruit and gave it to Law in an effort to restore health back into his body.

Even though Law initially struggled to control his newfound powers, with practice he was able to heal himself. As time passed, Law’s healing talents only grew stronger and came in handy once again when it became crucial for him to rescue Luffy. The Ope Ope no Mi was an absolute necessity. Without this devil fruit power, there would be no chance of saving Luffy from his wounds.

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Devil Fruit Awakening

Trafalgar Law took advantage of his Devil Fruit awakening to confront Big Mom. He displayed the ability to generate a space-distorting essence that made his strikes more potent and overwhelming for opponents. Instead of using a great deal of room, he employed K-Room. K-Room is a technique that creates small bubbles which are connected with his sword blade. This approach enabled him to easily skirt around external defenses and cause harm from the inside out.

Law can use another attack known as Shock Wille. It makes his sword pass through the body of a person and generates shockwaves from within.

One Piece: Why Ope Ope no Mi is The Ultimate Devil Fruit

Attacking Prowess

The Ope Ope no Mi, unlike many other devil fruits, comes with a major drawback. The user’s stamina depletes after several uses. Despite this small tradeoff compared to its extraordinary powers, it was not until Wano Country arc that Law could fully demonstrate what his Devil Fruit can do. Given the circumstances of facing Big Mom in an alliance battle, he didn’t have any other option than using all his abilities.

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The Ultimate Devil Fruit

The offensive capabilities of Ope Ope no Mi make it the “Ultimate Devil Fruit”. But, it’s true potential lies in its ability to grant immortality. This procedure, dubbed “Immortality Operation”, requires the user to sacrifice their own life for another person’s health and longevity. Doflamingo attempted to pressure Law into eating this fruit and using it with Celestial Dragon treasure so he could retain control over his domain forever.

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