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Palia MMO Invites Players to Cozy Up in Open Beta Next Month

Palia MMO Invites Players to Cozy Up in Open Beta Next Month
Image credit: Singularity 6

Palia, a new massively multiplayer online game (MMO) is about to launch its open beta next month. The game is developed by Singularity 6 and it has been undergoing closed beta tests for some time. Now, it is ready for a larger wave of players. The open beta commences on August 10. It will follow a closed beta that will start a week earlier. 

In Palia, players can engage in various cozy and mundane tasks such as farming, fishing, cooking, hunting, crafting, and decorating their own house plots. It aims to break genre conventions and create an MMO that brings people together.

Aidan Karabaich, the game director at Singularity 6, expresses excitement about the launch: “We designed Palia to challenge genre conventions and bring people together in a cozy MMO where they can forge new friendships, and we’re thrilled to finally welcome new players to create the coziest versions of themselves.

It gives players a break from the RPG focused gameplay of traditional MMOs. The makers have shared that the game will be free-to-play with cosmetic sales. Palia has eliminated combat entirely. It allows players to fully immerse themselves in the peaceful environment of the game. 

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Palia caters specifically to cozy gamers who look for peace and tranquility. It brings activities like fishing and farming, the secondary activities in normal MMORPGs, to the forefront.

You can register on the Palia website to participate in the closed beta week. There will be rolling access from August 2, so that players can explore the world of Palie before the open beta starts.

Singularity 6 plans to launch the game on Nintendo Switch during the holidays, but hasn’t announced a date of release. A first look live stream is scheduled on July 18. 

With its unique focus on the cozy and mundane aspects of life, Palia is poised to offer a refreshing and inclusive MMO experience. Whether you’re a fan of farming, decorating, or simply seeking a cozy social space, Palia’s open beta presents the perfect opportunity to explore a world that celebrates tranquility and the joy of forging new connections.

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