Pokemon Sleep: Release Date, How It Works, and Pokemon Go Plus +

Pokemon Sleep: Release Date, How It Works, and Pokemon Go Plus +

After years of waiting for the cancellation announcement, Pokemon Sleep finally made its grand entrance and was formally announced. There is even an exciting bonus: The game will be compatible with Pokemon GO Plus +. This comprehensive Pokemon Sleep guide contains all you need to know about your upcoming sleep-tracking adventure.

Pokemon Sleep Release Date

An official release date of Pokemon Sleep is yet to be announced. The game was confirmed in the February 2023 Pokemon Presents broadcast and will soon be available for iOS and Android mobile devices during the summertime of next year. Meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to begin monitoring your sleep with Pokémon sometime between June and September 2023.

Video by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

How does Pokemon Sleep Work?

Pokemon Sleep is an innovative sleep-tracking game. All you have to do is place your phone next to your pillow before going to bed. The app will then measure, record, and categorize your sleep time into different types of sleep cycles. In return for getting enough shut-eye, you’ll receive higher scores.

Pokemon Sleep: Release Date, How It Works, and Pokemon Go Plus +

As you wake up, the amount of Pokemon around Snorlax will be affected. If you search for various Pokemon nearby, your sleep-style dex is sure to expand. The more creatures you discover on your journey, the broader range of choices await in terms of sleep styles that can work for you.

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Pokemon GO Plus +

Pokemon GO Plus + is the perfect partner device for both Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon GO. Equipped with low-energy Bluetooth technology, this ingenious gadget can monitor your sleep data in a jiffy. You just have to press the central button before you go to bed and again when you wake up.

With the Pokemon GO Plus +, you can enjoy a variety of interactive features. Not only will Pikachu sing you lullabies as you drift off to sleep, but it’ll also get friendlier with every extra bit of shut-eye. When morning comes around again, your Pokemons’ alarm sounds will unlock and be ready for use. Furthermore, according to their introduction video, there is still more functionality headed our way which utilizes data from Pokemon Sleep.

That’s all you have to know about the Pokemon Sleep release date, how it works, and GO Plus + incorporation. If you’re interested in uncovering more of what’s going on around Pokemon, take a look at the most recent updates from Rising Heroes’ new season for Pokemon Go, or learn how to snag a Roaming Form Gimmighoul in this exciting game.

Video by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

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