Pre-Valentine’s Day Celebration: How to Make The Night Before a Great Foreshadow of What’s to Come

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration: How to Make The Night Before a Great Foreshadow of What's to Come

The night before Valentine’s Day is an exciting lead-up to the big day. There are lots of ways to stoke your loved one’s anticipation for the next day by giving them a hint about the upcoming celebration for Valentine’s Day.

You don’t have to wait until February 14 to start rolling out the red carpet on Valentine’s Day plans. Pick out a signature piece of jewelry, set the stage with a candlelit dinner, create a fun scavenger hunt, or sweep your partner off for pre-holiday festivities to ask them to be yours and get you both in the mood for the next day.  

From romantic bouquets to a fun shopping trip, check out these top 10 pre-Valentine’s Day celebrations to foreshadow your special romantic day.

Key Takeaways

This article discusses both unique and popular ways to make the night before Valentine’s Day a special time that foreshadows the main celebration.

1. Go Shopping

If you want to show your partner how special he or she is the night before Valentine’s Day, suggest a shopping trip.

Pay attention if your partner points out gift ideas, and tuck them away for reference. It’s a good way to ensure that you spend quality time together. You might also blow them out of the water if you surprise them with a gift that they admired during your shopping trip. Shop now.

2. Cook a Meal 

A great way to ease into Valentine’s Day celebrations is to enjoy a special dinner together. If you want to spend time together in an intimate setting or have a fancy dinner planned for the next day, you can cook at home. 

Just add some bubbly, throw together an easy and delicious one-dish Italian pasta with sausage, cheese, or seafood, and light some candles. Create an evening fit for Cupid that gives your partner all the mushy feels by incorporating roses, hearts, or chocolates wherever you can.

3. Give a Clue 

Can’t wait to give a hint about the V-Day celebrations to come? Give your love a small but complex gift that gets them curious about what’s in store. For example, leave a gift that has a clue about your next day’s activity, such as an indoor picnic.

4.Mail an Invitation

Who doesn’t love getting a beautiful invitation in the mail? Go old-school by sending a classic invitation to the event that you’ve planned for your partner. 

If there are specifics that your partner should know, such as dress code, time to arrive, or any other details, include them now. It’s a way to foreshadow the holiday’s events and get your partner excited without giving too much away.

5. Send a Rose

Nothing says “god of love” like a romantic bouquet or a single perfect rose. Give it some thought, pick the perfect flower, and let the signature petals do the rest. You can also scatter a path of rose petals to leave another clue or set the romantic mood.

6. Give Love Coupons 

Get crafty and handwrite out some love coupons for a massage, dinner, or date night for your partner to redeem and give it to them early. 

You can also design some love coupons with free templates online and print them. Start the party early by telling your partner that they can redeem these love coupons at any time up until midnight on Valentine’s Day.

7. Create a Scavenger Hunt 

If you’re in the mood for a fun couple’s adventure, buy a scavenger hunt kit, complete with clues, hearts, and prizes, download a scavenger hunt online, or even make one up yourself.

It’s a great way to get together the night before Valentine’s Day and test your skills to work together to solve the mystery.

8. Plan a Romantic Massage

Nothing sets a romantic tone like a candlelit bath or massage. If you’re planning a big date for Valentine’s Day, consider relaxing with your partner with a warm bath. Light some candles, play some low, romantic music, and provide a fancy scrub or aromatic bubble bath.

Follow the bath up with scented oils and give your partner a massage that’s sure to make them feel special and get them in a romantic mood before the big day.

9. Get Out of Town 

If you prefer to head outdoors, consider going for a local hike, going on a day trip to soak in some culture together, flying kites in the park, going ice skating, or even having a snowball fight. If you’re near a big city, check out an interactive date experience such as a themed restaurant, medieval tournament, or even a murder mystery dinner.  

10. Enjoy a Pre-Celebration Date Night 

Go all in with a fun evening together before Valentine’s Day. If you have a big event planned or are heading to a holiday destination, it can be enjoyable to relax and have a cozy, intimate night with your partner. 

There are lots of ideas, from lowkey and casual to sweet and romantic. For example, rent or stream a movie, order a pizza, get big boxes of movie theater popcorn, and cuddle up under warm blankets. It’s a great way to relax and remind each other how you used to have fun when you were younger. 

Change up the evening by playing a game like chess, cards, monopoly, or a video game if you enjoy gaming together. 

For a romantic evening, set out candles, put on some music, and pour some red wine, champagne, or even sparkling cider. Skip the dishes by ordering takeout and spend the time showering each other with love. Put a chocolate heart or cupid, wrapped in a love note, on your partner’s pillow before you go to bed. 

The most important part of creating a special night in anticipation of Valentine’s Day is to make your partner feel special and to remind each other why you both fell in love. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like adding a little spice of anticipation to build up for a big Valentine’s Day celebration. 

From a fun day hike to a special dinner, a monogrammed piece of jewelry, or laying out clues to upcoming events, there are a lot of exciting ways to set the mood for the most romantic day of the year. 

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