Project Blue Book Season 3: All The Facts About it

Project Blue Book Season 3: All The Facts About it

After dominating the science fiction scene in the movie industry, the reason for the cancellation of History’s Channel Project Blue Book, after the second season sparked a lot of questions among science fiction enthusiasts. Was the show a threat to science fiction? Will Project Blue Book Season 3 ever see the four walls of the cinema? What fate lies in stock for the once-upon-a-time-famous ‘project?’

Here, you will find all you need to know about it.

Project Blue Book Release Date

This exciting ‘project’ was given birth to the science fiction family in the movie community by David O’Leary in January 2019.

Project Blue Book Season 3: All The Facts About it

How Many Seasons Are There in Project Blue Book?

The Project Blue Book has 2 seasons, with the premier season running 10 successful episodes. It came to a halt after the second season. 

What Must-Have Promoted the Cancellation of The Project Blue Book, Season 3?

The Project Blue Book enthusiasts gave it a loud welcome and approval in its premier edition, which saw it run 10 successful episodes. However, after its renewal with the second episode, the loud ovation earlier accorded the ‘project’ began to fade, as many viewers and critics began to doubt its merits. Why did the enthusiasm for the ‘project’ drop? Was the scepticism developed about its merits responsible for the cancellation of its third season and the ‘project’s’ later shift to oblivion?

David O’Leary’s (the creator of Project Blue Book) desire to make the drama more interesting dealt a big blow to the hitherto ‘big project.’ Using real names and real places to enhance the show’s credibility, the showrunners manufactured some events that were far from reality shaking trust’ in the drama. Joined by the too-many historical inaccuracies of the showrunners, O’Leary became bathed in accusations of over-furnishing the drama to the extent of backing and taking away realism that was hitherto the ‘project’s’ major selling point. 

With the consistent hips of disapproving commentaries that bathed the second season, the History Channel announced that enthusiasts should not expect to watch the third season. Would that ever be the end of Project Blue Book? The showrunners said the story did not end in season 2.

Netflix’s Perceived Relationship With Project Blue Book

While dismissing the popular notion that the ‘project’ was stopped because of the popular criticism and the dipping ratings it was met with, the show’s producer, Sean Jablonski, gave hope to petitioners who want the drama back that efforts are being made to find another network, preferably a live-streaming network, to take off from where it stopped. Pointing out that the History Channel no longer airs science fiction. Hence, the cancellation of the show.

Who Will Pick Up the Show? Will Netflix pick up Project Blue Book?

Known for picking up such shows and bringing life back to them, Netflix is the number one live-streaming network that people suggest will take up the show. Netflix brought Money Heist and Stranger Things to life, and there is no doubt that it is the best option to continue from where the History Channel stopped.

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