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Ricky Gervais Net Worth: How Wealthy is This Comedian?

Ricky Gervais Net Worth: How Wealthy is This Comedian?
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With significant success surrounding the renowned director, comedian, writer, and actor. Ricky Dene Gervais says he can retire after carrying out a single gig. Ricky Gervais, born in Reading in Berkshire, England, on 25th June 1961, is an English comedian. 

He is widely known for contributing to one of the most loved British sitcoms, ‘The Office’ (2001-03). Ricky Gervais net worth was revealed recently after his single gig made history. 

A Little Context of The Family

Lawrence Raymond Gervais (1919 to 2002), a father to Ricky Gervais, is known to have emigrated to the United Kingdom while he was on foreign duty during WW2. He later met Gervais’s mother, Eva Sophia (1925 to 2000) during the blackout. After settling in Reading, they brought up four kids, Larry, Marsha, Bob, and the youngest child Ricky. Gervais said he appreciates his family’s sense of humor. 

Jane Elizabeth Mary Fallon, a television producer and English author, has been Gervais’s partner since 1982. He met Fallon when they were studying at the University of London. Since 1984, they have been living together in Hampstead. 

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Walk of Life 

There is a lot to learn about Ricky Gervais’s career. To reach Ricky Gervais net worth, he has taken part in music, radio, podcast, television, animation, stand-up comedy, entertainment, and more. After receiving his degree in philosophy from the University of London, Gervais led Seona Dancing, an unsung 1980s new-wave British band.

Giving him his first public performance experience, the band notched a little success in 1985, with the single “More to Lose” becoming a Philippines’ teen anthem. He later joined XFM in 1996, now renamed Radio X. While he was there to host a program, it was the medium to meet Stephen Merchant, a regular collaborator. 

In the 90s, Gervais wrote comedy sketches for BBC television shows called Golden Years and Bruiser. He also made an appearance in Golden Years. At the start of 1999, he bagged a role in ‘The 11 O’Clock Show’. Additionally, for a brief time in the year 2000, Gervais hosted his comedy show based on his name called ‘Meet Ricky Gervais’. 

Ladder to Success 

In 2001, ‘The Office’ was a British mockumentary sitcom that had its first broadcast on BBC TV. Ricky Gervais, alongside Stephen Merchant, wrote, created, and directed the program that follows the daily ebb and flow of the made-up paper company named Wernham Hogg’s staffers. 

Gervais played the role of David Brent, a central character who is the boss and has critical delusions regarding his entertaining talents and insensitive nature. The show ran up to 12 episodes for a total of 2 seasons. It later got released in the US and other places. Further, it came back in 2003 as a ‘The Office Christmas Special’. 

Regardless of the length, ‘The Office’ garnered critical success and won multiple British Comedy and BAFTA awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). It also received two Golden Globes. When the US version of ‘The Office’ aired between 2005 to 2013, both Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were its executive producers. Talking about Ricky Gervais net worth, ‘The Office’ has been his primary monetary source. 

Post ‘The Office’ success, Gervais took part in stand-up comedy and published the popular children’s book series titled Flanimals. With ‘Extras’ he made a comeback on TV that got him an Emmy Award. Ricky also hosted an internet podcast, ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’ from 2005 to 2006. Later he also created a TV series named ‘Life’s Too Short’. In all these endeavors, Merchant was a close collaborator. 

Other works include ‘Derek’ and ‘After Life’. He has appeared in movies such as ‘Night at the Museum’, ‘For Your Consideration’, ‘Ghost Town’, ‘The Invention of Lying’, etc. All these roles contributed to bringing in tremendous income. 

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Current Net Worth

Ricky Gervais gains his cumulative wealth from global tours for stand-up comedy, such as Humanity, Science, and Fame. His most recent ongoing tour is Armageddon. The English comedian acquired an astonishing 1.75 million USD from one stand-up gig and became the highest-grossing show in the world.  

After his performance in Hollywood Bowl, LA, on May 6 during his Armageddon tour, he jokingly said that he could retire considering the earnings. However, this is not far from the truth, as with his success in comedy, directing, writing, and acting. Today, Ricky Gervais net worth stands at 160 million USD.

In addition, several other aspects, such as real estate, stocks, and others, count Ricky among the wealthy comedians worldwide. With his recent performance being a crucial mark in history, he revealed his gratitude. 

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